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Kevin Mitnick
My and @oncee book Building an Information Awareness Program released today!Forewords by @HackingDave & @kevinmitnick
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My hands got a cameo role on Graceland picking a lock today. Bump key would have been more interesting.
Wheels down - Los Angeles !
Just got a call from a potential client who wanted me to hack into ATT wireless and remove calls from his bill.…
Wow. Robin Williams died today. Terrible. RIP.
Ironic that this text, once 'about' @kevinmitnick could so easily read "google", "Microsoft", "Facebook", "NSA" today
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Does anyone at Defcon have a Defcon 22 Uber-badge that I can borrow for 5 minutes in your presence :-) Email me at
Come to @_defcon_ 22 to "get intimate" with @kevinmitnick 6:30pm Brasilia 1 #SEVillage @humanhacker
Will be signing books at Defcon at 2 PM at No Starch Press.
Don't forget to stop by @FireMon booth from 1-4 today to meet @kevinmitnick and get a signed copy of his book!
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Hanging out today with my @FireMon friends and signing “Ghost in the Wires” books. Stop by to get ...
Signing copies of “Ghost in the Wires” tomorrow at @BlackHatEvents @FireMon booth 447 from 1-4pm. #BlackHat2014
Thank you so much @HackingDave for taking us to a great Vegas show, and Happy Birthday @kevinmitnick !
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Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Turned 21 today so I finally got to drink a mojito! So awesome!
Signing copies of “Ghost in the Wires” tomorrow at @BlackHatEvents @FireMon booth 447 from 1-4pm. Hope to see you there! #BlackHat2014
Wow. I was referenced in an article about actor James Garner passing. Kinda creepy.…
Hanging out with Jeff Eastin in LA tonight. Bummed out that White Collar is wrapped for good. Awesome show!
And I thought it was crazy being held for 4 and 1/2 years without trial - welcome to the police state of America.
... order the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness.”
Forget ObamaCare - you're just going to jail. WTF?…
On yeah !!!! RT @ErrataRob: Time for @kevinmitnick to bust out his old VMS exploits to see if they'll work on x86…
Weev doing coke in his attorney's office? I guess he has attorney-client privilege. LOL…
So pleased to see @whispersystems launch Signal for iPhone! Encrypted voice calls worldwide, for free.
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Wow! That's such a cool key ring. Can I see it for a moment? ;-)…
Headed to San Francisco... much cooler than scorching hot Vegas...
Loading a U-haul truck in 110 degrees is no fun :-(((
My favorite interview w/ @donallogue interrupting. LMAO!…
As soon as I said I would accept a plea agreement, I magically lost my “national security threat” status. -@kevinmitnick,Ghost in the Wires
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Read our post about changing from a negative to a positive face about @kevinmitnick here:
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My Al Jazeera interview aired a couple days ago :-)…
I think GCHQ acquired this one that I use all the time :-) BURLESQUE: is the capacity to send spoofed SMS messages.
About to go on Al Jazzera
Who comes up with these code names? hahaha PHOTON TORPEDO: A technique to actively grab the IP address of MSN messenger user.
I'll be on Al Jazerra discussing the GCHQ exploit kit and other cool stuff. Showtime is between 8 - 9 PM PST. Should be fun!
This is an awesome exploit kit. I wonder when similar kits will be sold to the highest bidder. I want one :-D…
Who's crypto are you going to trust? Do you really have time to analyze each product that you use for weaknesses or backdoors?
WTF? RT @ggreenwald: Australia's Attorney General presents bill to criminalize "Snowden-style" journalism…
Our team found a backdoor in a crypto product during an assessment. Client asks my advice on whether to leave it in or not. Thoughts? ;-)
I wonder if his insurance will cover the fire damage. It's amazing that people can be that dumb.
What would you do? Use RAID or a fire torch? LOL…
I saw Planet of the Apes last night. If only we can train them to hack! Oh wait, didn't some other "expert" say he can teach monkeys? LOL
Unbelievable RT @denali1: @kevinmitnick And they'll only extend it 4 times. I guess after that fourth time, ...