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Kevin Mitnick
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Big decision: should I or shouldn't I swipe my card here? Scary!
Wow! The iPhone 6 plus looks like the Galaxy. Is that a big FU to Samsung?
@kevinmitnick @brianshall I understand you get 10 free celebrity pics after each $1000 spend?
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Apple's secure credit card mobile payments? LOL, ok.
This toy is gonna be fun. Imagine the possibilities ;-))
I hope to visit Indonesia one day... Haven't been there yet.
Just got my new badass Enigma machine!
Can't believe SR would use recaptcha. ;-)
What CAPTCHA code was on the box? Maybe it leaked to a third-party which the FBI obtained the info from.
I call FBI bullshit. A misconfiguration in the login page leaked the real external IP?…
Hanging out with Jeff Eastin and his friend Elliott. ;-) hacked? Tell me it isn't true. Didn't we just warn these guys at Congress a few months ago?…
This LA traffic sucks.
Anyone want this client? I am too busy. LOL
IMSI catcher on steroids. Wonder who is going to be first to hack these devices?…
Just did interview for CBC's Prime Time news about the celeb hack.
Hahahaha RT @CreepyRepRogers: .@kevinmitnick That's why I only trust certs signed by the Hong Kong Post Office!
All the bad actor has to do is compromise the easiest target in the trust chain to pull it off. Not rocket science.
It's just too easy for bad actors that have time on their hands.
Easy hack: compromise Aftra/SAG. Send celebrities targeted email with client side exploit. Game over! They'll trust email from SAG.
I might be willing to do it in exchange for a free iOS source code license ;-)
When is Apple going let my team pentest their unbreakable iCloud? ;-)
Cool ... A show about Houdini is on TV ;-)
Wheels down San Francisco
I guess the celebs are learning not to trust the Cloud. Would you after your photos got pwned?
RT @KimDotcom This is the same government that held me in solitary confinement lest I whistle the ICBM launch codes!
Zimperium updates its security suite to protect employees' iOS devices from cyberattacks
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I guess TOR didn't protect this scumbag.…
LMAO RT @diretraversal: .@AskCapitalOne is my account (#0094473611, pw:bugturk3y) safe from the Russian hackers?
Got a lot of media inquiries because Chase was hacked. Makes me wonder how many other banks are compromised but have no clue they're pwned,
My and @oncee book Building an Information Awareness Program released today!Forewords by @HackingDave & @kevinmitnick
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My hands got a cameo role on Graceland picking a lock today. Bump key would have been more interesting.
Wheels down - Los Angeles !
Just got a call from a potential client who wanted me to hack into ATT wireless and remove calls from his bill.…
Wow. Robin Williams died today. Terrible. RIP.
Ironic that this text, once 'about' @kevinmitnick could so easily read "google", "Microsoft", "Facebook", "NSA" today
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Does anyone at Defcon have a Defcon 22 Uber-badge that I can borrow for 5 minutes in your presence :-) Email me at
Come to @_defcon_ 22 to "get intimate" with @kevinmitnick 6:30pm Brasilia 1 #SEVillage @humanhacker
Will be signing books at Defcon at 2 PM at No Starch Press.
Don't forget to stop by @FireMon booth from 1-4 today to meet @kevinmitnick and get a signed copy of his book!
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Hanging out today with my @FireMon friends and signing “Ghost in the Wires” books. Stop by to get ...