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Kevin Mitnick
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With respect to my 4 GPU cracker, my props go out to @_Nips_ for assembling it. Thanks, Matt. Great work!
Here's another view of my 4 GPU cracker!
"Assume your adversary is capable of one trillion guesses per second"… I want to build THAT cracker!
Reaching out to some close friends to share funding of building a 25 GPU cracker. Then all your passwords are mine!!!
@kevinmitnick I am pretty sure Dropbox was linked to the original Prism slides. At that point, Dropbox should have been dropped by all.
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700,000 Dropbox Credentials Hacked, Hackers dump ‘Dropbox Hacks Teasers’ on Pastebin…
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Here's a pic of my 4 GPU cracker for those that wanted to see it :-)
Interesting: Snowden recommends to drop dropbox ASAP. Point well taken!…
Dropbox hack: Tons of hotmail accounts.... Looks like a phish to me.
I guess this goes to show you - you CANNOT trust the Cloud. Dropbox allegedly hacked or maybe Phished?
Will this really stop phone-based social engineering? Hmmm.…
That's for MD5 Unix hashes.... too slow.
Speed.GPU.#1: 644.8 kH/s Speed.GPU.#2: 622.2 kH/s Speed.GPU.#3: 623.6 kH/s Speed.GPU.#4: 588.1 kH/s Speed.GPU.#*...: 2478.7 kH/s
My 4 GPU cracker is not fast enough. I need to add more cards. I am impatient when it comes to cracking passwords ;-)
@dannykellywords @talkSPORT Ghost in the Wires by. @kevinmitnick is superb, though not sports related. Dickie Bird's book is great too.
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Kevin Mitnick, CEO -Real Hacks You'll See Live!-: via @YouTube
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Twitter sues US Govt, arguing it's a 1st Am viol to ban them from discussing surveillance orders they get from Govt…
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The funny thing is Nestor's investigator almost told me how Nestor did the hack, then quickly changed his mind until I was retained. :-)
Very cool story. The FPD was going to hire me as an expert on the Nestor case but they won on technical grounds.…
They should pay! RT @sambowne: FBI Pays Visit to Researcher Who Revealed Yahoo Hack…
We are now hiring 4 more security researchers to identify unknown vulnerabilities. Please email if interested.
Don't tweet until you arrive. Lessons learned?…
It sure beats running fcrack on my 486-33 back in the day!
I love my new 4 GPU password cracker. Over 60 BILLION NTLM hashes a second. :-) Unfortunately, Md5crypt is much slower. I need to add cards.
The Marriott should be forced to upgrade everyone to platinum over this scandal.…
.@Eminem Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me Cause we need a little controversy, Cause it feels so empty without me
Next stop - headed to Honolulu for 2 gigs. Bummer - no time to relax on the beach.
From my blog A Must Read The Art of Deception. - The Art Of Deception by Kevin Mitnick is a must read if you wor...
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RT @kevinmitnick: Just ordered a Tesla Model S. Tired of paying gas. Excited! Kevin and I both will drive Teslas. :-)))
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Varsity in Atlanta -- unhealthy but damn good!
.@CreepyRepRogers Media sensationalism repeated without checking the facts. Reminds me of John Markoff claiming I hacked NORAD in the NYT,
It seems everyone is getting compromised these days. Now Chase lost 76 million customer records! Incredible.…
Oh this is interesting. A repository full of ShellShocker PoCs. Very cool!…
Got an email from Lifelock saying, "What you should know about Home Depot's 56 million credit cards be stolen". What? That I am screwed?
Wheels down Atlanta !!!
Bye Bye Corpus Christie. Here I come Atlanta. Gotta go to Varsity when I land. ;-)
You gotta admit -- that OpenVPN exploit is awesome, right?
Now this is cool! Exploit OpenVPN using ShellShock ;-)
Wow! Gas is only $3.15 a gallon in south Texas.. Much cheaper than LA!
Interesting way for the FBI to get malware samples. Just ask!…
Just ordered a Tesla Model S. Tired of paying gas. Excited!
HK Protesters were not the target of XSSer!…
Every retailer that hired us for a pentest was compromised; including cc data during testing. It's not surprising that others can too.
Obviously the credit card fraud losses are less than the $$$ needed to fix the system. Just a ordinary business decision.