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Kevin Mitnick
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As soon as I said I would accept a plea agreement, I magically lost my “national security threat” status. -@kevinmitnick,Ghost in the Wires
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My Al Jazeera interview aired a couple days ago :-)…
I think GCHQ acquired this one that I use all the time :-) BURLESQUE: is the capacity to send spoofed SMS messages.
About to go on Al Jazzera
Who comes up with these code names? hahaha PHOTON TORPEDO: A technique to actively grab the IP address of MSN messenger user.
I'll be on Al Jazerra discussing the GCHQ exploit kit and other cool stuff. Showtime is between 8 - 9 PM PST. Should be fun!
This is an awesome exploit kit. I wonder when similar kits will be sold to the highest bidder. I want one :-D…
Who's crypto are you going to trust? Do you really have time to analyze each product that you use for weaknesses or backdoors?
WTF? RT @ggreenwald: Australia's Attorney General presents bill to criminalize "Snowden-style" journalism…
Our team found a backdoor in a crypto product during an assessment. Client asks my advice on whether to leave it in or not. Thoughts? ;-)
I wonder if his insurance will cover the fire damage. It's amazing that people can be that dumb.
What would you do? Use RAID or a fire torch? LOL…
I saw Planet of the Apes last night. If only we can train them to hack! Oh wait, didn't some other "expert" say he can teach monkeys? LOL
Unbelievable RT @denali1: @kevinmitnick And they'll only extend it 4 times. I guess after that fourth time, ...
Unbelievable. This guy must be a rocket scientist.…
Classic LOL RT @iSecure_LLC: @kevinmitnick I wonder if Target got 30 days free after they got breached? And yes, Target sued them.
What a joke. Promising no malware but if it fails you get 30 more days free. LOL Are these the guys that were sued?…
That's the same AUSA that lied to the judge that I could launch ICBMs by whistling into the phone. Bastard was just worried about his power.
Just bumped into lawyer that represented me in my bail hearing in 1988 at Jerry's Deli. He said the AUSA was scared I'd shut off his power.
Repeat after me: we live in a police state.…
Haha. I guess the character in the new hacker movie doesn't want to follow in my footsteps? at 54:10
Yes, The Chinese IP Connection :-) RT @the_chipmunk: @kevinmitnick But will they ever make a cheesy movie about it ?
Will be on Al Jazeera at 5:30 PM PST discussing the badass Chinese hackers. Oh my, it scares me just thinking about them. LOL