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Kevin Mitnick
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I love it ;-)))) RT @A_Claark: Wondering what Kevin Mitnick's response the heartbleed bug is @leonenm
Ghost in the Wires by @kevinmitnick, read by Ray Porter is just $5.95 with @downpour_com's Deal of the Week!
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Besides their soy chai tea, I love Starbucks open wifi. ;-)
While at PF Changs I overhear the manager giving out his username and password on his cell. Why didn't this happen to me 20 years ago?
The NSA secretly steals Huawei's source code. Yet I get 5 years for the same thing? What's up with that? ;-)
A 90's #FreeKevin pic I took in Watson Lake, YT Canada on one of my Alcan Hwy journeys (@kevinmitnick)
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RT @EFF: Third Circuit reversal of weev's conviction shows constitutional rights endure even in the Internet age. / Rights to privacy? LOL
I'm in a Verizon store and this lady is complaining about hackers getting her password. She looked at me and I smiled. Only if she knew. LOL
I think it's the first time a hacker actually beat the Government in Court and was released. (without being a snitch)…
Interesting: It may be possible to Pwn the Las Vegas Metro Police with a USB device in...
And while greping Snowden's files for openssl, can you also check for 'itni'. It worked well for me in the past. Just ask Shimmy! LOL
Can someone please grep through all of Snowden's files for openssl? LOL
I really believe that Neel Mehta and his team should win the Pwnie award hands down! Agreed?
Oh yeah :-) RT @ggreenwald: Once again, the greatest threat to internet security is the NSA…
BREAKING: Judges reverse District Court’s venue determination and vacate Andrew Auernheimer’s conviction…
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Will be on CBC in the next 3 minutes :-)
I'll be on CBC tomorrow at 9:30 AM PST discussing the heartbleed bug :-)
I'm curious how long the NSA was exploiting the heartbleed bug before someone else found it?
@kevinmitnick finished Ghost in the Wires last night. Good stuff, got a great sleep after unplugging everything and burying it in the yard.
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Having a good month. First 3.5 million from Jamaica now: Your ATM Card worth $850,000,00 is ready for delivery, contact ... for claim.