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Kevin Marks
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#itscomplicated @zephoria: I realised we were constructing a narrative of myspace as urban and dirty and ghetto - marginalised people
#itscomplicated @zephoria: the media narrative was obsessed with facebook and trashing MySpace, but used by a poorer demographic
#itscomplicated @zephoria: I made the foolish mistake of analyzing the tensions between MySpace and Facebook in 2006
#itscomplicated @zephoria: there is an academic fetishization of what is new and hot No more big data studies based on twitter please!
#itscomplicated @zephoria: we're creating compulsory Higher Education now in response to another labour market crisis
#itscomplicated @zephoria: this age segregation shaped American society - we now use "brain science" to justify teens not making decisions
#itscomplicated @zephoria: we created compulsory highschool in the 1950s as a jail system to keep the teens out of the workforce
#itscomplicated @zephoria: there's a great film out called Teenage, which is about the social construction of the teenager
#itscomplicated @zephoria: the thing I struggle with the most is how you move a collective action problem
#itscomplicated @zephoria: teens look at what they can gain from tech, but those with more privilege think about what they have to lose
#itscomplicated @zephoria: we tend to pay attention to how the privileged classes use tech, but they are bifurcated here too
#itscomplicated @zephoria: teens used to change their IDs as they matured but that got harder, so instead they change modalities
#itscomplicated @zephoria: for teenagers now, Facebook is not a place for them as it is full of their parents hanging out with their besties
#itscomplicated @zephoria: life stages makes a big difference to how people use the same technology
#itscomplicated @zephoria: as we've got obsessed with technology we forget the world around us, we need to put our eyes on digital streets
#itscomplicated @zephoria: Jane Jacobs was an amazing urban theorist who said we needed eyes on the street. not cops, but all of us
#itscomplicated @zephoria: Think about the ways that you can make certain that young people are OK. Use the technology to check in
#itscomplicated @zephoria: As I look at teens engagement with technology, I see them doing what they always did in a new environment
#itscomplicated @zephoria: Teens are already living in a world where they assume surveillance, govt is just an extension of parents, schools
#itscomplicated @zephoria: Big Data analysts make me laugh. Coca cola were popular on facebook, and proud. Young people meant the other Coke
#itscomplicated @zephoria: teens would put brands all over their posts "lets hang out, Nike" so FB would promote them in the feed
#itscomplicated @zephoria: schools lock down social, but not gmail, so kids use gmail during the day tho' wouldn't be seen on it at night
#itscomplicated @zephoria: teens assume surveillance is part of their world - by parents, teachers or classmates so they encode on FB
#itscomplicated @zephoria: teens ahve learned to encode their content- I could make sense of myspace, but couldn't decode facebook codes
#itscomplicated @zephoria: so Michaela would deactivate facebook each time she logged off, then reactivate the next day so she had control