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Brad Keselowski
nascarbeer 528,944 followers
Gettin late in this @HomesteadMiami test. Surprised no one has tried to organize a race yet. Drivers must be gettin bored, last test ever...
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Not if they win homestead. Ceff00: @AllWaltrip @keselowski if 11 20 31 or 99 win the championship it'll be bad for NASCAR
No autocorrect, I'm going to the "Sema" show next week. S-E-M-A!
"All the cars are fast but we want to be the fastest of the fast."
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Ummm, gulp. HEAVY. πŸ™@jaybusbeee: Read this and then go give someone you love a…v”
Most important test of the year? Our report from Homestead >> Hear from @keselowski, @joeylogano and @JeffGordonWeb
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@MillerLite knows it pays to be responsible. You could win a new Ford F-150. Sign up here! #NASCAR
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it's disappointing to me that some fans think everything is fixed, how bout hard work and determination, that's how you win!
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Turned on MNF and have already seen 4 fumbles 😳
Who started this? Not even aware it was an option. @Brannddonnn: @keselowski Would you trade a toe for a second championship?”
Great idea! @amarquis32: @keselowski They need a NASCAR version. Plenty of candidates from yesterday's race.”
C'mon man! Best football segment on tv.
ok. So this made me laugh @TheOnion: In Focus: Girlfriend To Stay Underneath Blanket For Next 5 Months”
My opinion? The program is more than one person. @fickleandornery: @keselowski What do you think about Hoke? Lots of fans want him gone.”
Haha nah. Better? @NascarMemes: @keselowski isn't replying. Should I start being a dick to him? Maybe he'll reply.”
The broken part? No way @NascarSammy: @keselowski Do you think it caused by the contact with Brian Vickers?”
I reply to good and bad. Always believed It keeps my feed balanced. @SeanLawver48: Why do you reply to mean tweets?
Wow. A nice tweet. Thank you! @HokiesStangs: Thanks for the autograph today....You were by far the nicest driver I met in the pits/garage.
Something in the rear drive train. Idk specifics yet. @4stickers: @keselowski BK, exactly what broke?”
Yep And you certainly aren't gods gift to all. @82erinlynn: BTW you are NO Dale Sr!!!!! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!”
#2crew πŸ˜„@bookchick488: Hilarious Photobomb of notoriously bad selfie at #2 car. Your crew was”
Broken parts stink. Feel bad for the guys that got caught up in our troubles. 3 big weeks left... #GoingFor2
Yes ma'am @dnicholas: Sincere congratulations to @DaleJr @Tjmajors @EarnhardtKelley!”
Thank you! Appreciate these kind messages. @rgo2barney: @keselowski You can do it good luck @keselowski”
Somewhere Benny hill is laughing at the finish of this lions/ Falcons game @jaybusbee
Me too! @CarolynSheehy: So many @keselowski fans here today. Makes me happy 😊@MartinsvilleSwyy#NASCARR”
Covered #nascar races at Martinsville Speedway every year since 1999. This might be the best weather weekend in memory. Three gorgeous days.
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Cmon man. I think you'd be really good! @JimmieJohnson: No chance @krazykristen48: JJ would you ever participate in dancing with the stars
Whose coming tomorrow to @MartinsvilleSwy ? We've been strong here with top-5 and top-10s. Time to break through and get the W. #GoingFor2
Weather is perfect. Racing is awesome. What time will we be seeing you for the #Goodys500 tomorrow? #TicToc
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Cmon Michigan, This can't continue.
The 24 has looked very strong all weekend. In HH the 1 also looked good. Us, the 4 and the 88 ran top five lap times on our tire runs in HH.
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Can't believe we got back to 5th. We are still in this thing.
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Was this before or after walking up hill in the snow, both ways @tugted @bradk2fan ?
For my @keselowski friends coming to the truck race today, get to the souvenir rig ASAP
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And so it begins... @ParodyKeslowski: @keselowski @ParodyBVickers Ask and you shall receive..”
πŸ‘πŸ‘ even though yellows no my favorit@MitchellB6666: Such a sweet”
waiting for an @parodykeselowski to do it for me @ParodyBVickers 😁
Enter our #Race2Homestead scavenger hunt for a chance to win a signed crew shirt, sheet metal and diecast. Info here:
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Look, I'm all for diversity of opinion, but sunny October afternoons are the greatest time of year and if you disagree you are just wrong.
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Haha idk casm Very true. @nascarcasm: @keselowski What's the "Your an idiot" tally thus far? Always my favorite irony-soaked insult by far.”
@keselowski What's funny about angry tweets is most times they're riddled with horrible grammar, giving you good reason to laugh about it
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Angry Twitter messages are always so original and creative.