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Nothing but bad memories in this town. Get me back to Amsterdam.
In my personal opinion you should always follow your heart, the brain likes to over complicate things.
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Seeing your ex and thinking wow was on I crack the whole time?!?!?! #wtfwasithinking
Bros and hoes before bros (and sometimes hoes). #yolo
#100happydays Day 19: Having a clean car feels so good!
You're definately one of those proper try hard guys who beg for attention from girls that aren't interested :") Hilarious! #whatwasithinking
#100happydays Day 13: Laser zone with the fams! Baaad hair
#100happydays Day 10: Just purchased this badboy from teh petters station. Best chocolate bar!
So hungover
#100happydays Day 6: Blasting out the MOS Annual of a cold morn to blow those cobwebs away!
#100happydays Day 5: Going out in utter agony to take my mind off things because thats what troopers do!
#100happydays Day 4: Laying in bed all day with no makeup on! :)
Honestly don't understand how big brother can still be on? What a pile of horseshit
This is me..."We all have a friend that only gets called by their nickname.. It sounds weird to even say their real name."
Note to self: Do not leave your phone with Lacey lmao! #selfiefest