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@TeeCee66: @KenyaMoore She looks like pepto bismol threw up on George Washington. Right down to the wooden teeth.” Ouch! Read much! #RHOA
It's funny that @PhaedraParks buries dogs for a living but talks shit about @KenyaMoore poor Velvet?! She's such a fraud! #RHOA #RHOAReunion
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I hate 2 leave u but I'm starving! Will catch west coast feed. I love u #TeamTwirl thank u for having my back #teamright #stoptheviolence
@japatsa: @KenyasSceptre @KenyaMoore < Shady Phae-Phae is a jack of all trades, yet a master of none. Twirl on that.” #RHOAReunion
Is it me or does Nene look like a giant pink highlighter marker? #rhoa LOL
Fakedra would know a whore she married one & is one herself #RHOA #KenyasSceptre @KenyaMoore
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OMG @KenyaMoore BROUGHT A SCEPTER BECAUSE QUEENS CARRY SCEPTERS. And you people wonder why I love her? #GoneWithTheWindFABULOUS #RHOAReunion
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Phaedra thinks if she says something enough ppl will believe her lies. Guess she got that from her husband. Very sad for her #RHOAReunion
@PhaedraParks is the biggest whore on this show, wtf is she talking about? @KenyaMoore isn't a whore just b/c YOUR HUSBAND LIKES HER #RHOA
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@ohheabaddie: @KenyaMoore looks like a QUEEN bc she IS . She's giving me ROYALTY ! ♡” 💋#RHOAReunionn
Fakedra worships at the church of fornication, lies, criminal activity, satan & karma #RHOA #KenyasSceptre @KenyaMoore
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But let me just say this: Miss @KenyaMoore is SLAYYYYINNGG in that red tonight hunny!! #TeamTwirl #RHOAReunion
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@ashbash_1119: @KenyaMoore your hair is for the gawds 🙆” thanks to@lawrenceatll
@lovebscott: @KenyaMoore I'm loving the scepter! 👑#RHOAReunionn#RHOAA” I wonder whose idea that was? Was brilliant 💋
@tnt868: What home Depot @KenyaMoore go to? Somebody send me the address!! Lol” 😢😂😭
@KenyasSceptre: Bow down bitches, toupees & criminals to the Queen @KenyaMoore! #RHOA #KenyasSceptre” my scepter has a page? LOL
@WeHeartKenya: @KenyaMoore is looking spectacular 🙌😫💃❤️!!! Yassss Queen K#RHOARHOA” thank you loves
Only To Certain Kinds Of People Is It Cool To Risk Everything Youve Worked 4 To Respond To Violence W/ Violence @KenyaMoore #TeamTwirl #rhoa
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Thank you @Kimzolciak for your compassion and sensibility and support. There is no grey area when it comes to violence.
It's sad to see the hate spread on Easter Sunday the day Christ died for our sins. To the people anticipating a "beating" I pity your souls
@brownroyyal: @KenyaMoore why hasn't @Mattel created a @Barbie in your likeness yet? #TeamTwirl much luv! :-)” been wanting 1 for years!
@caking1234: @KenyaMoore @Bravotv You are the queen of RHOA. You are the reason we continue 2 watch! Just keep doing u. Congratulations!”👸💋
Have a blessed Easter weekend! Xo
Who are we to be beautiful, talented, gifted, fabulous? The question is who are we NOT to be. Never shrink who u r 2 make ppl comfortable