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How I leave people who come for me LOL
Where are my people?
Thank u UK! Was a fun interview with #ogespanishtvmagazine
6am conference calls to the UK. Great things to come stay tuned... Have a beautiful day.
Not in my house LOL
β€œ@SamuelMarkArsen: @KenyaMoore @jjb12705 they always come for not knowing how to ask for an autograph” bwahahahahahaha but it's so true!
β€œ@qhawe777: @KenyaMoore afternoon in South Africa may u have a day with chocolate coated moments lv u.” 😘
Morning people have an amazing day!
β€œ@jat41: @MarcusOBailey @CynthiaBailey10 @KenyaMoore @claudiajordan Hater Gonna Hate.(IN MY TAYLOR SWIFT VOICE) Ladies! Shake It Off.”
Night night team twirl going to wash my ORIGINAL face and go to bed. #dontcomeformeunlessisendforu 😘
β€œ@TeamKenyaFans: @KenyaMoore Please do us a favor and bring #MooreHairCareLine to help! Can you help people with no edges? πŸ˜‚β€ 1-800neededges
@KenyaMoore Can't wait to see you on the new season of RHOA. Forget the HATERS. Pretty HURTS them cuz it ain't them.
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β€œ@tuguijjjbbjjfer: @KenyaMoore your unbothered but your tweeting about it like you mad?!?! Chile..πŸ˜΄πŸ˜‚πŸΈπŸΈβ€ you're* is that u DD? LOL
β€œ@japatsa: @KenyaMoore < all the RHOA should be THANKING YOU. You are the reason everyone gets PAID. DONE AND DONE.” What he said! Okay
β€œ@TeamPrettyRHOA: Models handle themselves really well in the entertainment industry. They usually take the classier route!” Thanks!!so nice
β€œ@SalvaCam21: @KenyaMoore well you know the only ones that talk ish are the ones that are jealous.” Yes I can't help if I outshine u
β€œ@KenyaMoore: I'm thirsty but you are talking about ME. So who is the thirsty one? I'll wait... #unbothered”
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β€œ@jjb12705: @KenyaMoore who talking ish now?” Who isn't? I never come first but they always come for me.
β€œ@Peterpandaman09: @KenyaMoore at least u have a title” at least I have edges
I'm thirsty but you are talking about ME. So who is the thirsty one? I'll wait... #unbothered
Baby @KenyaMoore @claudiajordan @demimckinney @CynthiaBailey10 what did #TeamPretty do to have these ugly birds so pressed?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
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This the third bitch to have @KenyaMoore name in their mouth in one week and #RHOA haven't even started yet!.. They're #bothered #pressedt
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Blessed to have true and loyal friends now
Are you ready for season 7 of #Rhoa? 3 weeks left lets go!
Me and the lovely @demetria4real at @claudiajordan welcome party. Trying hard to give u sexy face LOL
by @cynthiabailey10 I loved taking this picture so cayute!
Have a blessed day #teamtwirl
It's going down tonight atlanta, you never know who might stop by 😜
Perfect day for a hike #stonemountain
β€œ@ChristalCeline: @KenyaMoore will you be making a more fitness videos hun#inspired you a self spoken lady looks well goodπŸ‘Œβ€ awe thanks
β€œ@AllAboutMoney12: What's your favorite place to vist ?@KenyaMoore” brazil
β€œ@DamnImFierce: I Just Want @KenyaMoore To Call Me A Dumb Hoe Through A Bullhorn As It Would Be An Honour! #Twirl” funny!
β€œ@BackItUpBenOva: @KenyaMoore is being a public figure all that?” Sometimes yes sometimes no
β€œ@jboisthebest: @KenyaMoore do you still have your iPhone 4?” I don't
β€œ@JesusUpgradedMe: Are you and Marlo still friends? @KenyaMoore” we are follow me on IG: THEKENYAMOORE posted pics of her and me recently
β€œ@prismkimm: @KenyaMoore #QandA are u releasing any more music in the future?” Yep
β€œ@kenrod7071: @KenyaMoore how do you feel about the new girl?” We are friends she's great
β€œ@est3rd: @KenyaMoore hey @kenya can I get a retweet or a shout out for my b'day today????!!!!!!” Happy bday
β€œ@kenrod7071: @KenyaMoore new puppy ?” Not yet
β€œ@TomMarlow_: @KenyaMoore when are you going to get your ass to Australia!? We love you!” Send for me :)
β€œ@HendersonKisha: @KenyaMoore How can you forgive someone that has did you wrong and genuinely be friends again?” U can only try and pray
β€œ@JesusUpgradedMe: I love you so much pls respond to me 😫@KenyaMooree” hey thank u!
β€œ@allthesimple: @KenyaMoore what will you be for haloween?” I don't celebrate Halloween
β€œ@HartmanREL: @KenyaMoore #QandA Is there a large division between the housewives this season?” You have to watch to see for yourself