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Disney Dreams of Big Thunder Mountain tonight Friends!
Change for Character Palooza times for August
Jordyn got a selfie with Chip at the dance party
Palooza 5:40pm aladdin, genie, belle, green army, max, gepetto, evil queen, penguin, sti...
“Falcon's Fury opened its queue to the public today for a soft opening.
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We were trying to hold up a train yesterday at the Magic Kingdom to get the gold!
American Idol closing and Frozen Sing Along receiving Fastpass+
Updated the Attractions Refurbishments with the upcoming permanent closure of American Idol Experience…
Disney dreams everyone. No heffalumps or woozles!
Can't even click on Wowzer at the Magic Kingdom on Disney site now. Looking grim for the juggling, balancing clown.
Did Wowzer get cut from the Magic Kingdom? He doesn't appear on any Disney World schedule this week.
Villains Unleashed character meet and greets, entertainment, merchandise and details.
Debbie's orange soda float. Pretty good concoction
Want to know what Disney thinks the real wait time is? Look at the second touch point for fp+
Debbie said it's a wilder ride in the wilderness in the back. I think she's right.
Posted wait 20. Line extends all the way to the entrance. That's why I don't trust the...
Visit Minnie at 9:00am or expect to see this line. Marie replaces her later in the morning