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Kenny Mayne
Not to give too much away but at Neil and I pretty much schooled @kerrileewalsh in volleyball tonight.. Wilson emblazoned on her..bad stuff
First world issues RT @dubois: In 2014, "Americans will spend $350 million just on pet Halloween costumes."…
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@Deadspin: A "Clash of Clans" addiction nearly sank the Royals season:” We had to drop r Pong addiction for Wiffle
What's our new cover image? Turquoise-tinted plumes in a small nearby galaxy: @NASA_Hubble
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@nytimes: DealBook: 4 Banks, Including JPMorgan, Fined in Europe Over ‘Cartel’ Behavior” JP Morgan owes me $ too
able to take* RT @CBSThisMorning: A new survey shows Americans take less vacation now than at any point in nearly 4 decades
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@haleyehuffman: @Kenny_Mayne @korykozak we only retweet when our own names are involved #actlikeyouvebeenthere” Yeah Kory
If 100K @Seahawks donate $12 today= $1.2 mil to prevent Domestic Violence. Why Not Us? #WNYPassThePeace Text 41444 WNYPassThePeace
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@korykozak: @Kenny_Mayne 4 RTs” It's Tough out here
Watch pygmy seahorses, animals smaller than paperclips, master the art of camouflage: (via @KQEDscience cc @PBS)
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@Kenny_Mayne heard u asking how 2 donate 2 these kids in IOWA that need us. share w/ tha homies @espn cuz
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Partial solar eclipse at sunset! The moon will pass in front of the sun Thursday: [video]
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It was already well known...@GaryPayton_20 that you are one of the great passers in history.. Lock-down Defense too..
@Deadspin: The Rams' balls-out special-teams play was brilliant fun:” Pretty slick, coach Jeff..@STLouisRams
From Twitter I've learned Seahawks put a stop just now to 90 yard punt returns..
You know who is not deconstructing the Harvin deal? @PeteCarroll Transaction number..850 or so..
@summersba: @Kenny_Mayne missed seeing u on@SportsCenter this morning 😔” It's just business Shot w@jimmykimmell instead
@bomani_jones: percy harvin got what?” Deported
@ZAGSALLDAY: @Kenny_Mayne time to get back to beast mode punching teams in the mouth” Objective 1
If Percy had some deal that he ran sweeps and quick screens only..I'd have traded him too. Go routes and stretch the D? Keeper. Now? Run 24.
I barely knew NFL teams made trades
Good for Travis Ishikawa to hit game-winning HR tonight for Giants. He's a Federal Way HS grad #Seattle #southside #253 @Kenny_Mayne
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Nice little #TBT of my boy @Kenny_Mayne talking elephant polo in Thailand with Sir James Manclark. #Alastair
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@ErinHawksworth: @Kenny_Mayne but it's Cal-Gree. Cal-Gary is so wrong. #calgaryflames” I like Cal ga ree
Uncle Barry forces at Neil to pronounce it CAL----GARY
@JoshDaunhauer: @Kenny_Mayne something like "what an awesome sandwich this was!!!" Sound about right?” Far greater
Nothing big happened but I think the fortune cookie was right about this being a day of rejoicing.. Just some general rejoicing..
@kellyoxford: @Kenny_Mayne I would have if I saw your tweet!!!” You spend too much time on Linked In
@kellyoxford: Shock over: I GOT HIT IN THE NECK WITH A PUCK.” Come by @SportsCenter and tell us about it..we are 50 feet away
Barry Melrose joins us for ice hockey on @SportsCenter. He is literally Canadian.
@nytimes: A view that costs $81 million (Photo: Ruth Fremson/NYT)” $0
If the pizza is good enough of course I will continue with the burning of the roof of my mouth..
@Kenny_Mayne the human ear/mind can't process #SITKOL at unsupervised decibel levels. It's like the voice of God. It's for your own good...
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The rental car company has a volume block on the stereo system and songs in the Key of life plays i'm going to get to the bottom of this
Hello New York! I'm speaking tonight, 7PM at the Hayden Planetarium, signing books after. Maybe play some guitar too.…
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10/14/14: Nearly nine years after launch, @NASANewHorizons is just nine months from Pluto close approach! #cantwait
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It gives you a real understanding of the world. -- @Cmdr_Hadfield on snapping incredible photos from space
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@Earth_Pics: Camels in Broome, Australia” 5 with 3 with all TRI wheel