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Kenny Mayne
@DaveCC1109: @Kenny_Mayne @ZH_Crown Some schools work on a 5 point scale.” Glad the key takeaway was the various grading systems in U.S.
@haleyehuffman: @Kenny_Mayne @ZH_Crown AP classes.” That's right Haley E Huffman Ifthat'sevenyourname
@ZH_Crown: @Kenny_Mayne psst, Richard Sherman's GPA was not 4.2... that's not possible.” Modern era..4 oh can be exceeded Odd school fact
Last time I noted a TV deal so hard it rolled at 9:41 eastern..but @E60 has more juice.. @RSherman_25 thing at 8 east/5 west-@espn regular
@WestCoastPics: Lower Lewis River Falls, Washington” Upper Falls (Snoqualmie)
That last question went longer than all of coach B's answers combined. Questioner might as well have said the word comma.
@Stava_ndj: @Kenny_Mayne I hope you know this is a thing” I like this thing you do
.@RSherman_25 tells @Kenny_Mayne all about his journey from Compton, to Stanford, to #SBXLVIII champion
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Which is weirder--my daughter is driving or together we impluse purchased a plastic tackling dummy for the basement?
@TJLang70: @Kenny_Mayne @jsitton71 the $$ wasn't right.” @AaronRodgers12 is making Sizzler money..just crazy money..
If feel your @Saints pain @stanverrett 3 of my 5 Eliminator teams are out
@MikeAMcLaughlin: @Kenny_Mayne @E60 @RSherman_25 If I promise to watch can you pick mine up, too? 😳 520.” Yes Let's set a WR for expenses
Our @E60 thing on @RSherman_25 of @Seahawks runs Tuesday @espn regular/5p west
I am charging @E60 for this expensive Seattle breakfast, parking, miles..bridge tolls.. At long last the finishing touches on @RSherman_25
I think the day the @Mariners got good was the day Lloyd essentially told the @Yankees to f themselves re Cano comments. A good season.
Skipper Lloyd McClendon thanking the fans for a great year. Manager of the Year candidate, no doubt. #GoMariners
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The @Rangers are known for making big comebacks in games that matter little to them. Right @Buccigross ? SportsFacts
Loved the kids who set up a stage at mile 7 or so..& they played the hell out of Nirvana & it wasn't obscure in the least.
This guy had this something..beyond the flag
Felix is untouchable Get your act together @Rangers
.@Kenny_Mayne We would have turned the gun on if we knew you were going to bring the heat like that. #GoMariners
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Drew Bledsoe didn't have me sold on Jess Ford ad until the Fred McGriff point at end EndorsedbyFredMcGriff Probably not everyone saw ad
@frightwigwam: @Kenny_Mayne @Mariners Will you throw out the first pitch again tomorrow? #luckycharm” Need two day rest until Monday game
Far crazier than @Mariners night..I stopped at a casino merely to use the restroom.. Now had there been Caveman Keno.. @jaimeedmondson
@justinmv15: @Kenny_Mayne @Panthernation23 @Mariners but then whose gonna start Monday?” Momentum would start Monday for @Mariners
@jarrettjessup: @Kenny_Mayne @Mariners 68 mph on that first pitch tonight?” Off speed stuff
@TRENTROCK777: @jdkeiss @Kenny_Mayne Or Stevie Ray Vaughn... Hmmm” Or stevie's stevie ray song?
@jasonrmcintyre: Can't. Stop. Watching. This. Video.” Excessive
VIDEO: Austin Jackson legs it out to win it for the #Mariners in the 11th. #Walkoff
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Thanks @Mariners A thrill.. Available in 9th.. Any Stevie for intro music is fine..
Wishing Rajiv Maragh Belmont
They are re-mixing you on @msnbc @johnlegend Good blueprint
Like your show @msnbc We went local not global Cute kid in soccer uni taking support at store for the hungry here
If one Kenny Powers clip not rated NC-17 existed..I'd attach it.. But the @Mariners better have a burro or a firetruck-SAVEIT @nbamatt321
A bit lo-fi...but my niece can sing her ass off..…
@b1g_tr1ppa: @Kenny_Mayne hell of an idea” Famous quote
Just at Race for a Soldier prayer breakfast..( taken by these in Gig Harbor. JustBoys