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Kenny Hamilton
What gets old to you is always new to the next man! #Pointblankperiod
If you still haven't checked out @12tilque @12tilDee @12tilb you may wanna jump on the train now… #Watchwhathappens
I hope you had an amazing birthday @Natttycakes #Family
Not gonna lie #UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory sucks really bad, based off Dustin Diamonds book #I have wasted 2hrs of my adult life.
Brandon Tartikoff was one of the smartest execs in tv ever! Check his resume! #Genius
This was definitely influenced by Dustin Diamond. #UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory
The #fakemullett on AC Slater is killin me! Lol
Definitely up watching this #UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory right now! @scooterbraun they are about to tell all the secrets about our show
Been a long day and all the rain definitely killed my mood! Back to Cali tomorrow, need those clear skies, no humidity, and sunshine!
Me and the homie @mikewillmadeit yesterday at Ga State for the @ludacris celeb basketball game! #ATL #ludadayweekend2014 thanks @atlscene for the pic #killingit
Earlier today before the celeb game myself along with @ludacris @larenztate @lahmardtate @dwighthoward #GregWright and a few others spent time with some young men to talk to them about life. We focused on goals, dreams, aspirations, and real life topics that young people deal with. It was incredible
If you're looking for a great party going into Labor Day hit me up if you wanna come through @bootsybellows tonight! #killingit #LaborDay #BootsyBellows #InviteOnly
Good luck @RedCupNation on the kickoff to their third tour tonight - read how two guys made college partying a career
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I love Lou Holtz, I really do, but sometimes I have to really pay attention to listen at what he is saying... #yallfeelme
Everyone still turning up out here in ATL I came home to listen to @ROSHON records. I'm so focused right now #Iwillnotlose #killingit
UGA defense is on another level in this second half!! #GoDawgs #killingit
Camden and I were #killingit at #Legoland today! #Ofcourseweboughtlegos #theysetmeupfortheokiedoke #couldntleavewithoutpassingallthelegosandkidsgocrazy #goodjoblegolandyallgotmeforabout300today 😂😂😂
Thank you #ASU sorry for the sound and the cops we still turned up and had mad fun.
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Just got a call from @RedCupNation and they are super turnt! The party was so crazy the fire marshall shut it down! #ASUgoeshard #Killingit
#ATLnights with the bae #killingit @ninadobrev always good times.
Watching desperate housewives again makes me think of our tv show nights @therealfrancia @KennyHamilton @AlfredoFlores #needanewshow 😘
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If you haven't tried our chicken parm wings @theniceguyla then I think you should... #killingit #thesewingsaresogoodtheymakeyouwannaslapyomomma #hwoodgroup
LA! Tonight @Problem354 will be performing live! Sounds by @djtayjames #killingit @bootsybellows
Me and my sister @therealtahiry #killingit #ludadayweekend2014
Me and my brothers @ludacris @vincechi24 #killingit #ludadayweekend2014
Make sure you download @ItsaPROBLEM new mixtape #354LIFTOFF with two dope features from @12tilque @12tilDee @12tilb #killingit
Swear these dudes have the best youtube covers man lol 👌@12tilDeee@12tilbb@12tilquee
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Loving this new music by @ROSHON I hope yall are ready cause we are! #Killingit
Social media users interact with brands on Instagram a whopping 120 times more than they do on Twitter:
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Don't count the days, make the days count -Muhammad Ali
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That look you make when the dude in the middle seat next to you is 3x's your size and you are squeezed between the wall and him! 😐😐😐 #ATLbound #LudaDayWeekend2014
By therealtank via @RepostWhiz app: Me and @jvalentine1 new group @12tilque @12tilb @12tildee tearing up Beverly Hills early!. Mastro's comped us buttercake! #killingit
Tragedies like #MikeBrown show change is needed & begins w/ us. Join the movement at #UnitedWeWin
Yesterday @beatsmusic and @beatsbydre celebrated @kekepalmer's 21st birthday with her and the fam in Malibu! #killingit #HappyBirthdayKeke #Starbucksicedcoffee
With my family celebrating #StrongerbeingNumberONE last night! @therealtank @zenafoster @jvalentine1 #killingit
Burger King and Tim Hortons combining! Does this mean Tim Hortons will be all over the US now? There is a GOD!! #Iwantadbldblandhoneydip