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kėls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
completely and utterly drained
Love it when guys yell at us, "remember the name of the splash gang" @shellyisacat @JenEddings
[Dog Court] Judge: How do you find the defendant? Jury: We find the defendant, not a good boy. *dogs family in courtroom begins to cry*
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Monsters are real Ghosts are real And they all live inside us but sometimes they win
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If anyone sees a gray cat with green eyes outside let us know. He left early yesterday and hasn't showed up since😔o
Don't trust people who like crunchy peanut butter
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African praise breaks be like 😂😂VVm
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Retweet in 7 seconds or one of these will crawl into your mouth while you're sleeping
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Me: "I'm happy when you're crying @JenEddings : "except they're tears of joy because you are not here"
When you finally get a text, but it's just from the phone company saying you used all the data
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I would like to take a moment to introduce everyone to my sister😂☝�…Gj
When ya homeboys girl uglier than you thought
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When ya mom walk in ur room thinking u doing bad shit but u just chillin
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The world is a beautiful place
yeah you cute, but can I trust you with the aux cord?
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Seems as if it's impossible for anyone to be in a good mood anymore.
Feels so greeaaatttt to have an iPhone again
feeling so alone and misunderstood in the presence of the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally is an entire new level of hurt
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After 2pm all cold beverages at Starbucks are 2.50$. RT to save a life
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Literally wtf is wrong with people “@FearInSociety: This is pathetic, Make this go viral…
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no one ever listens, the wallpaper glistens💎
#growingupwithsisters when we had bunk beds and you would always throw random things at me from the top bunk😂@D_Sopherr
"I was gon kill you........That was a close one" 😂�9A
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i have never been so tired in my life😥😦

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