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keLLz ☯
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Can't believe soa is almost done for good 😢
"One day you'll wake up at 11:30 AM on a Sunday with the love of your life & you'll make some coffee and pancakes and it'll all be alright"
"Unlike a lot of these bros, I actually care about my girl and I love her. It's not called being a pussy, it's called being loyal." -KMHS
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He drives me crazy 😈
- . I Don't Like Easy. I Like Teasing, Till You're Begging Baby Just Say "Please" 😏
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Drinks and monopoly 😏💕
a lot of people who don't like me don't even fuckin know me lmao
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Who wants that perfect love story anyway - cliché
Took a sip of the tea and ain't been right ever since
*irritates the fuck out of u bc I care*
I wonder if Fish is actually dying lmao
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cant stand people who break up with someone then constantly talk shit about them, seriously u werent complaining when u were fucking them
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Makeup sex is the best kind 😏
Idc if my ex upgrades downgrades right grades left grades what they do after me isn't my business when I'm past u I'm past u.
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i can never just go to sleep without thinking about some shit.
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how can you be in competition with me when I don't care about you at all? 🙈
broke a few hearts trying to fix mine
friends turn into strangers too often, I'm honestly over it 😒
Once in a while you need to touch your boyfriends butt, buy him pizza and tell him he's beautiful. Relationships aren't a one way street 💁😂
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I swear Matt is my best friend and is just as fucked as I am 😂
I'm in the mood to cuddle for like 3 days straight.
"Everyone takes tums in there tum" 😂
me flirting: most people piss me off but I kinda like u
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I legit went to the bar last night for only 45 mins. Hate DT now 😒
So hungry but so lazy
(330): Give me a few hours to remember what being sober feels like.
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If you constantly talk about someone you supposedly "hate" clearly you have a problem
What a long fuckin week- miss mouthy aka sky is off to her dads and I'm stuck in between drinks or bed 😴
I don't care often, but if I actually do give a fuck about you, don't fuck that shit up
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Lol ahh people think theyre slick 🐍
probably lie 'bout it on the stand for my boy, put the Bible to my right hand for my boy
You know I don't do no karate bitch ❌💯
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Hot chocolate with Irish cream liquor is heavenly
One kid down , two to go 🙌
Got bitches not liking me because their friends don't like me 😜 ..makin them play follow the leader
Those lip bites in the middle of kissing😏
I don't care about what anyone thinks about me 💁
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Malachi and sky are so cute together 😍😍