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Holly Golightly
Kind of tired of mood swings
πŸ”ΈKate and "Stever" aka StephenπŸ”Έ
could people please retweet, any help or information to #FindTom is greatly appreciated!
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β€œNever love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary” - Oscar Wilde.
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I have a little money and a takeaway curry, I'm on the way home to my wife
Upsets me that @RosannaMariie is so gorgeous and I'm just here like 🐱
Just turned iMessage on for my mother and she is astounded
Treating myself to something from the kindle bookstore πŸ“š
I hope you helped someone other than yourself today
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Actually just bought a top for Β£1, top notch πŸ‘
Me: "how would you feel if I became a veggie?" Stephen: "I would never be against anything you did.. *pause* except going to Ireland" hmmm
thinking about results makes me wanna cry
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Sat eating Brie and crackers in my dressing gown and I have work in 19 mins yolo
Too hot but also scared of the spiders and other such insects that will crawl in if I leave my window open... Hmmm
Made a bed in the garden because sleep is my favourite past time πŸ’€
Captain Morgans was an interesting choice last night
Salmon and cream cheese bagel πŸ‘Œ
βœ–οΈ Fleetwood Mac βœ–οΈ
I wanna go on a sunny bike ride
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Tables they turn sometimes
Wasps stinging Jade for the pure fun
🌞 Picnic in the park 🌞
I'm bored of learning to drive
High and dry // Radiohead is my song
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"You don't look old enough to be pulling pints" #waitressprobs
Hating myself for unnecessary mood swings due to tiredness
Is it normal that my whole body aches after a shift at work #waitressprobs
only been home three days and I'm stressing over stupid things, gah :(
Maybe you're hoping for a fairytale too
American Pie and red bush tea, yes plz
Cba with facing the reality of work tomorrow. Take me back to Spain β˜€οΈ
Stephen just casually accentuating my fat face 😬
Stephen just had a nose bleed on me πŸ‘Œ
I could never imagine someone checking my twitter everyday to see if I'm alright, like I just tweet about music and I moan a lot
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wish I was waking up in Santa Ponsa next to @toastedteakate ready to get multiple sausage buttiesβ˜€οΈ
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Can't express how much of an angel my boyfriend is for picking us up from the airport at this ungodly hour ❀️❀️❀️
Gutted that @JakeBugg is in Mallorca tonight and we are going home :O
⛡️ holiday pedalo timessss