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Holly Golightly
watching the John Lewis Christmas advert in bed with @toastedteakate and it's made us emotional
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Happy Friday ☺️☺️☺️
Happy Birthday @GeorgecBakerx (2 hours early) xxx
All I want is to be brought a cup of tea in bed
Never let the pressure tell you that you're not capable of being everything that you want
Went for my haircut, had lunch, got on the wrong bus (got lost) and still made it to this afternoons lecture on time 👏🏼
"I do not understand why you would go out of your way to hurt each other, when life can already hurt so much."
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Imagine if it was actually humanely possible to be ahead on reading for your course :)))
If I had to choose 2 Fleetwood Mac songs to listen to forever, this single would be perfect. Dreams and Songbird ❤️
An evening of fireworks and bonfire toffee, how festive 🌚
"You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody." - Maya Angelou
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I love how I've always watched The Nightmare before Christmas firstly in October, then again in December 🎃�#thisishalloweenen
When your mate has a Carlsberg export and thinks he's Shazam
Uni life is hard, why am I so poor?
When you get her ready for a night out and then she leaves you 😶e
Eight songs Noel Gallagher would take to a desert island and why
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With Halloween a few days away, here are some curious literary facts related to the season:
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I'm not checking my bank balance in order to avoid sheer disappointment
Good morning, good morning. We trust you all had delightfully bookish weekends? What were you reading?
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Obsessed with @AspynOvard 's wedding ❤️
I realised that Rumours lasts the length of the motorway from home to Lancaster which is a bonus
There's just something about Sunday nights 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
From BROOKLYN to MACBETH: the books to see on the silver screen this season:
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'Suffragette' was so good. It's absolutely shocking the way women were treated during suffrage, we have come so far💜
Can I sleep for a week please?
Missing him this week ❤️
Had to get a coffee to get through this 5pm seminar 💤💤💤
Can't wait for today to be over 😒
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The top 3 things Britons do daily: 1 Drink a litre of tea 2 Discuss the terrible weather 3 Debate over the pronunciation of "scone"
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I pay £99 a week to have rubbish wifi and no heating, wby?
i feel like feminism should be called something else like common sense or something idk
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Not sure whether to do my driving test in Lancaster 😁
For the final episode in her series, @alexa_chung investigates what’s changed in fashion:
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You know when you just feel as though you're doing nothing productive with your life.....
Christ that was stressful. Don't do that again pls #DowntonAbbey
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Gutted the weekend is over already😞
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In the movie "Clueless," Alicia Silverstone's character Cher had 63 costume changes.
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