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Kate Anne Holly
Waiting for everyone to go to bed so that I can watch My Mad Fat Diary! yeahhhhh
4 Reasons Why Taylor Swift is a Real Role Model -…
Pre-holiday excitement and the traditional last minute Primark shop ☺️☀️☺️☀️
Going too make the most of the day by lying in bed all day
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Had a lovely night with my big bro and sister in law, drinking Pimms and just generally being classy :))))
Major crash after exam stress and lots of alcohol last night...
Pretty sure the thing that's been missing from my life is a pair of Heelys.
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Watching Catfish to calm down before tomorrow
Don't worry over what other people are thinking about you. They're too busy worrying over what you are thinking about them.
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Making friends whilst on a walk 🐱
Really happy that I got to post two articles on looks weird seeing my name published 😌
really wish that my blog was successful, but the chances of this happening are very slim :(
I wonder what Katie actually did
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The kitten has eaten fish food pellets and now she's going crazy
Watching 'The 90s: Ten Years That Changed the World' and realising how awful our current decade is..
Grandma's round and she has brought cake :) :) #topnotch #teaandcake
Coffee and what's that.... Oh revision
The word ‘genevered’ means ‘drunk on gin’; it appears in a work of 1759 by Edward Young #WorldGinDay
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Cheese & avocado crackers with a green tea.
Just can't face revision for this last exam
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So wish I could be at Isle of Wight Festival boogying to Fleetwood Mac!
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Absolutely loving #TFIFriday. What a show it was and clearly still is. Amazing telly.
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Clueless: the cast that could have been (prepare to be surprised)
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I normally have a long period of time where everything goes my way followed by a few weeks of absolute torture
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Three hour exam, I'm ready for you...
In one week I will be freeeeeeee
Going to bed hugging a hot water bottle on the 10th of June???
I am so done with this revision lark. I have forgotten what it is like to wear nice clothes? Just me and my watermelon tshirt going strong
Just want to nap with my cat all day long
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"I have measured my life out in coffee spoons" - probs the only quote I know for my English Lit exam :) :) :)
i could sleep for 5 years that'd be great
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Organised some of my books because it's not revision but it's practical... right?
Just watched The Imitation Game - ahh it's so sad but wonderful
Can we talk about how The Purge: Anarchy perfectly captures capitalism
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I'm so glad drunk me decided against that karaoke rendition of On My Own from Les Mis. That would have so bad. So genuinely bad.
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