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Keeley Victoria
My everything is ducking hurting!!! #barstaffproblems
@Primark Could you tell me if you have this in your Bury The Rock store as its one of the smaller stores…
@OzRolland @SonyUK I know, tried buying a new front lid for mine but don't have any anywhere. Supports poor as it is!
@OzRolland @SonyUK better off just taking it to a local repair and learn never to buy Sony products again!
@OzRolland @SonyUK haven't dropped mine either but they do anything to get money off you. Not chancing it when I can get it fixed cheap
@OzRolland @SonyUK a local computer tech told me he had a customer, his Sony laptop hinge broke after 3 weeks. over £400 to repair
@ArgosHelpers might wanna warn customers about Sony's warranty policy in the future! #shocking
@OzRolland @SonyUK not true as cracks have been there months, fault occurred 2 days ago.
@OzRolland @SonyUK The lid above hinges has a small crack so they'll probably b difficult and say I've damaged it which has cause the fault;
@OzRolland @SonyUK not really! It's still under warranty but the said if it shows signs of physical damage will cost £63 without repair.
@SonyUK Will this good the warranty? I'm not sending it off to have to pay that and not get it repaired. Its not charging & the cracks
@SonyUK damage I'll be charge £63 for return. My laptop has 2 hairline cracks on the hinges from 6 month ago, they just happened with use
@SonyUK laptop is still under warranty and is being sent off tomorrow for repair. Just received the email that said if there is physical...
@ArgosHelpers what's the usual warranty length on a Sony vaio? 2nd fault in less than 2 years 😴
@NewLookHelp any chance you could tell me the height on this heel or direct me somewhere that can? :)
@NewLookFashion any chance you could tell me the height on this heel or direct me to somewhere that will? Thanks!
cutting ties… I love this visualization bc one person is always so much more attached than the other
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so many people relate to this it's sickening
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Me and @21LVA will have an arm wrestle to settle who scored the first goal!! 😂💪🏾 Hope you guys enjoyed my second! 💥😊
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@YodelOnline any news on my parcel? Was due yesterday, don't really wanna wait in again today if it's not coming
@YodelOnline JJD0002251146359322 Thankyou :)
@YodelOnline what time is 'end of day'? Waiting on a parcel due today
@RoyalMail is it just gonna magically appear over night?
@RoyalMail post man has left a card for missed delivery yet collection office can't find the parcel and said check again tomorrow. ...
Stg if the post office have lost my parcel ✋✋
@THOMASSABO Is there anywhere in Lanzarote that stocks thomas sabo? Always need more charms 🙊🙊
@MPD_Help Been denied cashback which shouldnt have been, who do i contact? is it the webshop@mobilephones... email?
@burnsjewellers do you have this in the small length? Can't find it on the site :(…
@pullandbear where is my order and why hasn't tracking changed since 7/7 order generated? 😤😤
@FirstManchester student pass runs out 12th July, does that mean midnight as it turns 13th? (valid for the day of 12th?) 😶
Rather just pay the £4 parking every day rather than wait for constant no show 471 @FirstManchester uni pass also not getting renewed ✋😒
@ThomsonHolidays glad you agree! Part time retail travel advisor in bury :)
@ThomsonHolidays job application advised me to have a brew whilst filling it in, can't argue with that! #aftermyownheart
Who decided the gym I'm this heat would be a good idea?! And I'm 99% sure there's no air con on. 😩�#sweatingmylifeawayay
@CrownOil will have a nosey when I'm out the gym. Thankyou 😊
Dear @CrownOil. Do you offer part time work? From a student who would love to work for you. 🙋🙋

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