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Keaton Stromberg
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- Had such an awesome time yeaterday! Much love! 📷: @tedmccoll
- Such a dope sunset here in Sequim!
- Tonight's show was so dope! Spontaneous follow spree now! Use: #Vitalire @Vitalire
Live with passion! Today's show was dope! Stoked to see the bros @Vitalire Follow spree now! Use: #Vitalire
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Oregon!!! You are sexy! If we lived here we would settle down and start a family together
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@KeatonStromberg yo bro are you soo freakin stoked to go onstage in like 15 mins or what!!!
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- Now I need to figure out what to watch on Netflix...
- Tea and Netflix! What a great evening.
- Every time I make a protein shake, I like to think of it as Nesquik chocolate milk, for big kids! 💪👍
- Remember: You are beautiful. And fuck all the haters.
- Hi. I hope you have a great day!
@KeatonStromberg We're so happy you enjoyed your meal and can't wait for you guys to come back! Thanks for the support!
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- Eating at my new favorite restaurant @portucalperiperi in Burbank! It's just like Nando's!
- Eating at my new favorite restaurant @PortuCalPeri in Burbank! It's just like Nando's!
- Frick yeah new vine update. It's about time son.
- This cat is too cute 🐶
- Just watched Lucy... I don't know shit about anything. I feel like I need to unlock 100% of my brain.
Damn........ I lost.... Well thanks for trying guys! I'm actually gonna post my email that's connected to my phone for FaceTime.. Here we go
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