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Keaton Stromberg
- When your phone gets shut off... Then turns back on 👏👏
- Damn I've just fallen in love with @echosmith's album.
- Well I had such a great time in Spencer, Iowa tonight! Thank you so much! Love you!
- Darn I hate technical difficulties. We'll see you soon!
Me and Keats are ready to play!! Just waiting on someone to fix the soundboard
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- I just really want ice cream right now...
- The fact that #WesLikesButt is trending No. 1 right now is life.
- Hey we're gonna do a Q&A right now #WesLikesButt and Ask Us Anything 😏
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- Ready to rock tonight! Spencer, Iowa is about to crazy! @wesleystromberg
- All in favor of bring back long hair Keaton 🙌
Happy birthday gramcracker !!!! Love you times infinity
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- Long car rides. What else to do than take selfies and listen to Echosmith's album?
- HUG ME BROTHA @wesleystromberg
- Gym Progress Photo Number 2. @wesleystromberg had been killing me in the gym.
- I can't believe it's been 2 years since X Factor with this nugget. @wesleystromberg Thank you for all the amazing memories! Now let's make some new ones.
- Woah... It's been two years since X Factor aired! Thank you guys so much for the amazing memories! Now let's make some new ones!
- Jamming to @Meghan_Trainor's new EP #Title! It's so boss.
"I wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things" @5SOS great song! @benjaminmadden @JoelMadden
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- @wesleystromberg & @TylerCase are shooting each other... Today is great 😁
- I for real need the iPhone 6 though...
- I just don't understand why I don't have a girlfriend! Ugh. #KeatsFollowSpree
- Following people on here and Twitter #KeatsFollowSpree
- I just want to lay here all day.
- You are beautiful. Goodnight 🌙🚀
- Gosh I need to hurry up.
You sound really good @TylerCase haha we can all hear you singing in the shower !
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- With da boys. @evanwatkins_mi @wesleystromberg
- Good times. Good friends.
- Morning coffee and business talk. @wesleystromberg
- Moving day is difficult.
- Working on a new cover. #iWillFollowYouIntoTheDark #DeathCabForCutie