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Matt Keane
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Steve McDonald is the story of my life
Had a fantastic weekend in London for Co - Op Conference. I met some fantastic people and saw some brilliant...
Yes.@AndySawfordMP "recycle of money in the local economy". "Put Credit Union on the high street to change local lending" #coopdifference
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Always proud to represent area that elected first ever @CoopParty MP. At our Conference this weekend we are renewing our movement
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Oxford Street on a Friday is something I never want to experience again lol
4 poster luxury bed for the weekend
#HeywoodAndMiddleton #LABHold Labour increased vote share now to Clacton to see if the Tory Vote has held up
If UKIP have unified most of anti-Labour vote into a single column in an otherwise safe Labour seat, I find that pretty worrying
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The Tory press - and #bbctw - can spin it as much as they like but this is the worst day for the Tories since 1997
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So UKIP might have 35% where only 36% voted in #HeywoodAndMiddleton. About 10,034 people. I've got more followers than that. I should be MP
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Tories have no excuse for not winning Clacton - their 86th safest seat where they polled more than 50 per cent of the vote in ​2010.
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Likely Labour will hold a safe seat in Haywood & Middleton The Torys will lose a safe seat to UKIP who did not even stand in 2010
If UKIP win in Clacton and get a reasonable showing in Heywood & Middleton then maybe the Kettering and Welingborough Tory MP's may defect
If @Nigel_Farage is leading 'people's revolution' with #UKIP, why did only 36 per cent of the people bother to vote in #HeywoodAndMiddleton?
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If Lib Dems dont reach 5% in tonight’s polls, they will have lost £5,500 worth of by-elections deposit money since 2010.
Votes in 2010 election: -10.7m Tories -8.6m Labour -6.8m LibDems -15.9m NON VOTERS Your vote does matter, if you can vote, do it. #bbcqt
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The best time to have a protest vote is 7 months before a general election. Let's see how UKIP get on in May #BBCQT
A 50% turnout for a by election is good. But who's going to take it seriously when you can elect an MP for government in May
The Internet Is Utterly Devastated That Crystal Castles Broke Up
Its been a tough week coming to terms with Crystal Castles split but London at the weekend should help me get over it
Country roads '11 times more deadly' please take care on country roads, it's so easy to not see a hazard…
I really miss Virgin Radio UK, and Virgin Megastores.
#PEB broadcast from the #LibDems , who remembers this one…
Best of luck to everyone campaigning for Labour in Heywood and Middleton tomorrow. Lets keep UKIP out of Manchester #HeywoodAndMiddleton
@mattkeane91 #ldconf Sold their souls for a mess of pottage....and Ministerial limousines
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@mattkeane91 hit the nail on the head. They were an honourable, all be it, untested party, with a great tradition. He killed all of that
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Nick Clegg betrayed my generation and took a perfectly decent political party and turned it into spineless rightwing joke #libdem14
@BBCBreaking What record all I can see is @nick_clegg fully backing @David_Cameron unfar cruel policies,proving just how bad his record is
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Listening to Nick Clegg? Want to help make this not happen again any time soon? Help @olivercoppard to help you! |
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Take a look at some classic Haçienda and Happy Mondays pictures
Another Louise Mensch twitter fail.
Politicians who look good in tanks: @Schwarzenegger (ex tank driver).... Er... That's it
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every time i see a Lib Dem toe the Tory party line it just makes me more determined to get them out of government, #Burnley #LabGain #BBCNWT
Nick Clegg says he has won all the arguments with the Tories. His in agreement with everything this Govt has done #Marr
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unless a miracle happens Reading have messed up my acca, @paddypower
28 Of The Most Delightfully British Facts Ever
Managed to get my nan signed up to Spotify premium. She listens to more modern music than me.
Torys: which is worse: a) defecting to UKIP, or b) knob shots? #bbcqt
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Yes I thought it was hilarious #bbcqt