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Kareem Jaradi
Only one small thing/action could bring back a hundred memories.
I hope everyone who celebrates today feels cleansed and feels free. I know I do. #EidMubarak
I'm sick of all these young people dying in car accidents, RIP❤️😔
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The best relationships are maintained from not letting each other's egos ruin them.
To me it's always important to meet new people, but equally as important to make an effort and reconnect with old friends from the past.
When Belgium getting killed & beg USA for help in World War III but we remember they beat us in the World Cup
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"@CIothesPorn: My future son will wear this! 😍" My future son will bully him
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People who don't like soccer that now root for the USA are NOT band wagoners. We are all Americans and we all support the same team. #USMNT
United will face Real Madrid on 2nd August, 2014 at the Michigan Stadium in the International Champions Cup.
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Always try to be a happy person and your life will be much more enjoyable.
Love rubbing @KareemJaradi tummy til he falls asleep like a baby <3 lil
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Very proud to win the Ballon d’Or for the second time, it means so much to me. I thank my teammates.
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It's so cute bc he thinks he's big. Don't be like Malek kids, take steroids.
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@iAmLeeper @iamLeilaLou i hope you go to boarding school in Uganda you fucking faggot
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Thankful for @jamievalice 😋
Barcelona fans after that game against Ajax
It was nice while it lasted😓Also proof that I look like a completely different person when I don't shave. #beard
She always falls asleep with the remote in her paw
People say that good songs go bad after listening to them repeatedly but I can play old Blink songs all day every day and be satisfied
If you hump the floor with your shirt off to the song Grind With Me… You're Definitely a Douchebag
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If you wear a white suit to any High School dance… You're Definitely a Douchebag
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The coolest thing to do after going to a club is to wear your wristband for like the next week so everyone knows you party
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The stuff media won't show. Muslims praying at the US Soldier's funeral. US Soldiers peeing on dead Muslims.
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We know we're not leaving anywhere anytime soon.
It's frightening but extremely true, that all your feelings for someone can be instantly gone just by one thing that they say.