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Cres Concepcion
You're searching for more direct ways to reach new levels of i... More for Leo
You are integrally connected to your deeply rooted feelings to... More for Leo
You desperately want acknowledgment from your friends and asso... More for Leo
It may seem as if money is growing on trees but if you aren't ... More for Leo
Stick to your daily routine as closely as possible, even if yo... More for Leo
You're the king or queen of the jungle and you can perform qui... More for Leo
Although you can't escape your regular duties today, you can s... More for Leo
Although you have a specific goal in mind, the route to satisf... More for Leo
You are being tested today, and how you respond to the current... More for Leo
You have highly specific ideas about how to perform your chore... More for Leo
You can feel the electricity in the air -- the kind that makes... More for Leo
Your willingness to see things from a different perspective re... More for Leo
Lord, Thank you!!!!
Your unflagging tenacity continues to accelerate your progress... More for Leo
You need to rely on your inner resources today rather than bas... More for Leo
The world is smiling upon you now while the brilliant Sun danc... More for Leo
There's no need to wait for something exciting to happen becau... More for Leo
If you can't be the leader of your pack, you'll likely want to... More for Leo
You may be misled today by someone you trust. Although no one ... More for Leo
Your entrepreneurial skills can make you some serious money th... More for Leo
Although a variety of social activities has kept you hopping d... More for Leo
Although you want to kick up your heels and dance the day away... More for Leo
Although you're sometimes called Lucky Leo, your current good ... More for Leo
The emotional landscape is rapidly changing now and it's nearl... More for Leo
A melodrama begins to fade today as your common sense grows st... More for Leo
Pulling back into the safety of your home and family may be yo... More for Leo
It's as if you're a magician today, effortlessly pulling one c... More for Leo
You feel like you should be the star of the show, but could be... More for Leo
Although the universe is probably encouraging you nearly every... More for Leo
You may be suffering from an emotional hangover as the bright ... More for Leo
A powerful opportunity to heal your heart can be a gift from t... More for Leo
You might be concerned that a magical moment could slip throug... More for Leo
You might bury your feelings today to avoid a potential meltdo... More for Leo
Your mind may be on your money today, but there's an intrinsic... More for Leo
Your optimism is a wonderful asset as long as you know when to... More for Leo
You want to be as positive as you can in everything you do now... More for Leo
You could speak your truth so colorfully that others are taken... More for Leo
Emotional interactions on the home front could lead to a messy... More for Leo
Your star is on the rise now and you can't help but draw a cap... More for Leo
Your imagination continues to run rampant with three planets c... More for Leo
Achieving your objectives requires unwavering determination, b... More for Leo
People might think there's something wrong just because you're... More for Leo
It might seem as if you're on an extended holiday now as your ... More for Leo
You can feel a disturbance in the Force today as magnetic Venu... More for Leo
You're acutely aware that you are not in charge of other peopl... More for Leo
You can take a simple comment from someone at work today and t... More for Leo
Today's Cancer New Moon is a fresh start, but this new beginni... More for Leo
Love's sweet indulgences are on your mind, but grumpy Saturn h... More for Leo
You may not allow anyone to see how much you're struggling now... More for Leo
Your dreams are too big to fit into your waking world, but you... More for Leo

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