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Thanks for lookin out.. #Sarcasm
No one likes to share credit anymore, its all about "I" #Pathetic
Dont be mad when you push someone so far, they disappear
I wouldn't work this hard if I didn't believe #LifeStyle #Summer2015
Forget luck, its all about the hustle #LifeStyle #Summer2015
When things finally start going up, it always comes crashin down, you'll never here a sound, no time to prepare, one day it'll just be there
I still remember when it all changed
Its funny to hear someone say they know me better than anyone including myself, when theres so much I've yet to say, and probably never will
Once you miss your moment, its gone
This summer has been exhausting...but we still up
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Rackin my brain tryin to keep it all in frame, cant keep it the same, need to excel, tryin not to dwell, just tryin to chase my dreams -DJK™
Too bad I dont have friend's that have time to enjoy this with me #Summer2015 #LifeStyle
Its hard not to doubt yourself when everyone else doubts you too
My how times have changed. Do it from the soul.
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It's hard to build an empire all on your own
I remember when I'd see your eyes glisten in the son, now when I see the moon I know we're done
Its funny how when you reach out, you get slapped away. Bitch that's why if I see you, you don't even get a hey
Even girls who smoke blunts have the decency to act like they smoke joints when they around us.
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You wonder why you ended up in my past, why don't you ask yourself why you won't step up to the future
Do it for yourself. Fuck everyone else.
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Too busy working on what's next to enjoy right now
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It always sounds alot easier than it is
I guess we'll never know what it coulda been
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It's all or nothing...was it all for nothing?
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Life's a trip and I didnt even see it comin
I've always asked myself 1 questions through out life that I couldn't answer, "How did I get here?"
Gotta love how no one has faith in you
I've got nothing left to say
Happy Birthday Selena (@selenagomez), enjoy your day #Summer2015
Nothing will ever be the same
Heaven just gained an angel #RIP
I feel like my wishes and prayers never get answered
I want what I can't have and need what I don't want...shit's fucked
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Id do anything to go back to a time when it was perfect
Gotta love when everyone tells you its ok, its ok, it'll all be ok. As it continuously get worse and worse
Never put passion before principal. Even if you win, you lose
Don't act like you'll never lose it...act like you'll never find it again
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You can't always wait for the perfect moment, sometimes you must dare yourself then make yourself jump
It doesn't make you feel better or fix the situation, but it sure takes the edge off #MaryJane #Marijuana #LifeStyle
One of those turn the music up, shut the fuck up, and rip the bong kind of moments #LifeStyle #Summer2015 #MusicForLife #Marijuana #MaryJ
Its not that no ones loyal anymore, its that the only people that were loyal to you left, since you were loyal to the wrong people
It was fun while it lasted

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