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Nothing will ever be the same
Heaven just gained an angel #RIP
I feel like my wishes and prayers never get answered
I want what I can't have and need what I don't want...shit's fucked
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Id do anything to go back to a time when it was perfect
Gotta love when everyone tells you its ok, its ok, it'll all be ok. As it continuously get worse and worse
Never put passion before principal. Even if you win, you lose
Don't act like you'll never lose it...act like you'll never find it again
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You can't always wait for the perfect moment, sometimes you must dare yourself then make yourself jump
It doesn't make you feel better or fix the situation, but it sure takes the edge off #MaryJane #Marijuana #LifeStyle
One of those turn the music up, shut the fuck up, and rip the bong kind of moments #LifeStyle #Summer2015 #MusicForLife #Marijuana #MaryJ
Its not that no ones loyal anymore, its that the only people that were loyal to you left, since you were loyal to the wrong people
It was fun while it lasted
You might not be signed, but when @trxppynation up & runnin, if you all want you can be @danielshea91 @SquareOneDOM #SquareOne #ThinkAboutIt
Ima proove them all wrong, even if I die trying
How does looking like you are made plastic make you think you look good..?
Sometimes I feel like I'm a better friend to my friends than they're to me
It feels alot better being an asshole than a nice guy, always said we were a dieing bread
Smoking a joint listening listening to my playlist got you never want in this to end.
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Same page, different books
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Its official, July 1 is the beginning of @trxppynation I'll be starting to build our studio #RamseyRecords #Summer2015 #SquareOne #BigMoves
You say "I can't rap for shit" but your girls a fan #Priorities
Always waiting on other, that are waiting on me to make something happen. Rome wasnt built by one person, but everyone wants a piece of it
The hardest thing isnt loving someone, its letting the other person love you
Just wanted to take a moment to wish Tupac a happy birthday, we'll try and you proud #RestInParadise #RamseyRecords #Tupac #Birthday
I can't fuck with you if you dont appreciate music
Its sad how signs point me back to you, but I ignore them all, and hope that I make it through
Girls cant figure out why most guys are assholes, they just forget they messed with some guys head before a guy messed with theres #RealShit
I don't care how you describe me...just add "as fuck" to the end of it
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What the fuck is a friend these days? Only hit you up for a favor, always late and then ignore you and blow you off
Aye. What the fuck is going on in Texas?!
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All the good ones are taken and the available ones are too stupid to realise how good they could have it
Gotta love it when your friends blow you off, I guess I'll have to face the blunt
Oh gotta love the first hit of the day.. #LifeStyle #Summer2015 #KillinItSeason
#SquareOne on blast, everyone needs to hear it and relax #LifeStyle #Summer2015 #GlobalMovement #NationWide#HipHop
Im just tryna rewrite history.
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You've gotta grow up, or else there's no place for you to stand next to me

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