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Kayla Collins
Too many choices, what's a girl to do?! Choose two! 😜❤️💙 #matefit @matefitme
If you've done something shady to me, you're forgiven. But just don't think you'll ever have a chance to do the same thing again. 😊✂️
& on another note, working out without headphones is torture! Music gives me liiiife
Mad@ myself 4 forgetting my headphones 2day @the gym. They r my creep blockers, I put them on&pretend Im invisible 😂 w/o them I feel naked 😳
How people treat you is a reflection of them, how you react is a reflection of you... 💭
Characterize people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words.
Meditation & #MateFit started my day today 🙏 there are so many things to be grateful for 😊@matefitme
#LetsbeFrank, @Frank_bod is my shower addiction! Thanks Frank. I'm ready, lets get dirty! 😉💕
🙌 @IvanJragoo: "She say 'what's ya type?' I say 'I like what I like" @RaeSremmurdd”
There are not enough hours in the day! 😩
Another one from last night w/ my babe @missvalkeil 💙 How cute is she!!! love her 👯
😁❤️😘@DarvisF3F3: I swear I watched School Dance like 50x & I'm still how amazed how sex@KaylaCollinsns is😩😍😳❤️”
Fun Night @ the #PopularDemand Store on Fairfax to support my homie @soundz new album #VisaGold! 🙌💙🎶
@KaylaCollins you did. I can't wait to see you get down. #DJdollface proud of you...always grindin..always shinin...brrr!
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@DanFleyshman: @KaylaCollins Easy choice what DJ to book for my next charity event 😁” ❤️🙌🎶 would love to dan. u da best!!!
@OfficialHwood: Just found out my home girl @KaylaCollins is a DJ now! That's dope as sh*t.” 😁 I always told u I was gonna do it!
MICHIGAN! Grab Your Tickets now @ the link below to see me #DJDOLLFACE perform live at the #ELECTRICPURGE MUSIC FESTIVAL with @Datsik @CrizzlyBitch @DJPaulKOM on September 27th 🎶
That signature pose! 🙌 Lol Had fun yesterday spinning @ the #GameStop #Destiny Launch Party! 🎮🎶❤️ thanks to my girls over @shopping_bare for the adorable two piece set I was rocking!!!! #DJdollface
Tonight! DJing @ the Destiny Launch Party for #GameStop 🙌🎶❤
Le Monday Morning Struggle. #MateFit was bae today 💜 @matefitme
@derrickward32: Great point. How the hell do u get suspended more games for smoking weed than u do for beating your wife?"
I got chill bumps watching that Ray Rice video. Even without sound you can see how unmoved he was by his own actions. Psychopath.
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Working on a big project next month with @TheNorthTrooper so excited! 😁�#StayTuneded
People forget...treat others the way you want to be treated. 💯
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Did I really just put Love & Hip Hop LA on my calendar? 😳😩 I'm obsessed with Love & Hip Hop! lo#guiltypleasurere
Drove out to OC today to visit the #SmileStudio! I refuse to go anywhere else, still the best dentists office ❤️ miss you @doctoranthony
The homie @Soundzdope came thru last night & performed his new single off his album #VisaGold! 👏😁
Why do I have to have appointments all day I just want to stay in bed! 😩#hangoverr#helpmeeee
How is this basically the only pic I got last night 😩 The club was goin up on a Tuesday!!! Last night…
Today is the day! You can now listen to the #whoisdollface MixTape live on ! ❤️
Today is the day! You can now listen to the #whoisdollface MixTape live on ! Like, Comment, Repost & Share ❤️ Hope you love it as much as I do! xoxo #DJdollface 🎶
Happy Monday... Errr Tuesday. Whatever day it is I'm happy I swear ... Don't judge a book by its cover 😁 I'm still half asleep 😴😴
TOMORROW night! 🙌 #supperclubtuesdays w/ #populardemand! Hope to see you there for this end of summer finale! 😁 party time 🎉
Whew! What a workout! 💪 Now drinking my @matefitme metabolic boost w/ a little hemp milk, honey & ice... so good! 😍👌 #matefit
Money Talk$ 💰 Bull$hit Walks 👊 #whoisdollface find out tomorrow 😁👏
🎥 #bts #whoisdollface #sickerthanyouraverage #biggie 👑 2 daysss
Stay far from timid, only make moves when your hearts in it, & live the phrase sky's the limit #biggie 👑 #whoisdollface • crown by @qilonyc • 📷 @debrannetreu
Hey its big booty becky @KaylaCollins from #schooldance . anaconda don't want none unless you got bunz hun!
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#whoisdollface... a diamond in the rough 💎💎💎
Toronto's onto something with their new anti-littering campaign -
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Not everyone is going to love everything you do, but if you love it, that's all that matters! #DoYOU boo 😘
So Instagram was down for the past few hours. My life was almost over. 😩😂
#talkischeap #whoisdollface 💙 5 days...
I'm turning up the volume when you speak, because #talkisCHEAP la la la 🎶 #BTS #whoisdollface
Treat everyone with kindness & respect, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are. 😊😚