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Kaveen K
Back on twitter, @chadraptor didn't camilla perform at the powerade centre yesterday? I watched basketball there with 5 of my school friends
As of now, I have spent 100$ on games for ipad. @chadraptor do you play clash of clans?
I@chadraptor I'm going to the power add centre for a basketball game sponsored by school, pdsb staff vs Harlem globetrotters :D
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Google: "I have everything!" Facebook: "I know everybody!" Internet: "Without me, you're all nothing." Electricity: "Keep talking, bitches."
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Who's feeling tired as shit this morning? #FUCKMORNINGS
200 followers, no auto follow hex or anything! Thanks you all!
I@TypicaIFemaIe @Lmao Itaharryandjerry
Girl rule: If she talks to the guy I like, I hate her and she's a whore
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Thank you new followers!
Wtf!!!!! I didn't sign up for that program yet, I did before but I quit it, now it's back? Wtf!
Minecraft Cops and Robbers #32 w/ SkyDoesMinecraft, MunchingBrotato, AshleyMariee and BigBadManPig: via
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157 tweets and 157 followers, whoops, just made it 158 tweets :( #LOLFAILS
Me convincing my friends to join twitter
150 followers! No cheating this time! #150club <3 you all!
Whoever here is a minecraft fan tweet #minecraftforlife
when your mom goes to the store & forgets what you asked for
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For a lot of you #minecraft lovers, @DungeonRealms is great to check out
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Everyone who followed me from @twiends I wanna say thank you for taking the time to look at my profile and choosing to follow me :)
Twiends twitter friends :)
The song Radioactive by @Imaginedragons is the next new thing! Really great song. RT and follow to spread great music
Listen to the song Wake Me Up by @Avicii it made me smile, it's now my favourite song!
Today's not my day. Just dropped my ipad on the floor, the case shattered to pieces and also the ipad camera, to the apple store I go! :D for the AMAZING mars one project!
Joey guys! @MarsOneProject is planning to send 100000 people to mars to live there and make a colony, apply if you wanna live on mars
Guys, answer me! #ipod or #ipad ? And #ps3 or #xbox?
Eating a burger in the morning. #YOLO
:o famous @Sheri_ls (sherileblanc) is following me? 😳😳😳😳😳