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Kaung Ko
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#PotPiePlease 🍴!!!!!! Ok, I tweeted it. Who's delivering to my place?@FoodNetworkk are you delivering?#Santaa? Anybody? 🍴
Go live your dreams. Just don't hurt anyone while doing so. #liveitup
Peaceful protests, voicing resourcefully, fighting for one's belief/cause #RESPECTFUL. Other acts: #NoComment. #FergusonDecision
I bet people who exercise a lot do not know abt #icecream🍨#pizzaaοΏ½#chocolatete#cakeak#chipships french fries🍟#NetflixtflixπŸ’»
Somewhat. And how would burning a "cloth", looting, burning solve things? Educate me. I skipped that lecture back in school. @bakedalaska
Killing an unarmed kid deserves justice. Bully at most, not "disrespectful". How would violence solve problem again? @bakedalaska @alexrico4
Some just don't understand protest vs. rage. VIolence accomplishes nothing. Educated & intellectual acts do. #FergusonDecision @alexrico4
The world's gone cray cray at times.
Sometimes I feel intelligent. Other times I have to mentally sing "ABCs" to remember which letter comes after which. #itsmystorydontjudge
You are awesome! Yes, you! #DontYouEverChange πŸ™Œ (via @shots)
Oh Monday. Your existence bothers me sometimes. 😞😣
You are my sunshine β˜€οΈ, my only sunshine. #neverforgetthat
"Officially Done With You βœ‹!" - me talking to food that's leftover after stuffing myself with it like there's no tomorrow 🍴😡
#Birthday! #HappyBirthday celebration! #NovemberBaby (via @shots)
Thanks!! 😊 @ChelssMaeee:@kaungkoo Happyyyy Birthdayyyyy! β˜ΊοΈβ€
#MakeAMovieShorter The Note Book ... burned in fire. 😭😭#TheNoteBookook 😭😭😭
#HappyBirthdayMiley! It's my birthday too! Novermber babies! #wootwoot @MileyCyrus
It's my #birthday. So let's do some following! #Follow and I'll #followback all! 😊 Make sure to let me know after follow! �#nov2323
I'm glad my life is not like an earphone cord. #blessed
Don't do anything you wouldn't be proud of once it all calms down or reality hits you.
Tweet me your favorite picture of me using the hashtag #favehayespic ❀️ Ill be retweeting and following so RT FOR A FOLLOW!!!! #favepichayes
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#IfTaylorIsInMyGroup, we would have a song about everything that has happened after every little event. #swifty @CMT @taylorswift13
#RejectedSportsForTheOlympics -Thumb wrestling -"In bed" skills -140 char best tweet -Tanning -Baby talking -Procrastinating -Pole dancing
#BadRestaurantNames -YU KEE -Phat Phuc Noodle Bar -Fu King Chinese -Chewy Balls -Dumass Taco -Fat Ho Burgers -Pizza Orgasmica
@kaungko Hi sweetie, hope u like my #video & #subscribe Survival Guide 4 the Holidays - Thanksgiving Edition
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**Opens Twitter πŸ˜ŠπŸ’»πŸ“±**
#IfIHadOneWishIWould wish for well-being of all, health and wealth wise.
Set your alarms! We're talking #BlackFriday 11/25 at 12pm CT. With $200 in prizes, you better RT to RSVP!
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Dating a spoiled brat, your choice. But #thinksmart abt 2nd/3rd chances if things keep going wrong. Just don't be a fool.
Don't be that early worm πŸ›.#HitThatSnoozee Stay extra minutes or hours in bed and go be that bird 🐦#SleepInSaturdayay
If it doesn't truly make you happy, it's not happiness. Always follow your heart, no matter what.
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Arguments With Baee BeLike 😑�#ArgumentsWithBaeBeLikeke ☝️✌
"O Jesus, You are faithful till the end!" Man you guys, If I could testify to anything right at this…
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"11:11 Make A Wish" is trending. Either @ParisHilton did her usual #MakeAWish tweet or somebody beats her to it.
#ShoutOut to all the awesome #November babies! I bet our parents had a great Valentine's day back then!
Country music can touch my heart deep inside. #truestory #reflektin
Sometimes I wish I get @verified. But then reality hits me. I got nothing to be verified for. I let that sinks in...
#IAspireto be a giver with a lover, partner, best friend side. A giver of love. A giver of hope. A giver of support. A giver of strength.
LOVE IT!!! @PTXofficial's οΏ½#MaryDidYouKnowwπŸŽ„ is already making me all excited fo#Christmasas!!!
"... able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation" Temporarily? @WhiteHouse @BarackObama #ImmigrationAction
When you laugh so hard, #PeeHappens.
#HappyBirthday Darcy! 🌟🎁 Wishing you have a fantastic celebration and joyful blessed times! Novemebr babies are the best@darcydonavanan πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸ
Calling Thanksgiving Day a Turkey Day #TurkeyDayFails #ThanksgivingFail But it's ok. We can say what we want since vj stretch to coffin day.
Being YOU is better than being someone else
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Them #pitches get crazier and crazier each time. πŸ™†πŸ‘―πŸ‘―οΏ½…C#PitchPerfecte#PitchPerfect2rfect2