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Kaung Ko
#RightAfterYouLeft I quickly took off my pants, changed into lighter shirt, and let it all flow and breezy!😌v
#StoryOfMyLifeIn4Words Joys 😃, Struggles 😁, Survivor👊, Blessed 🙌
Congrats @RondaRousey on your swooshing 34 sec 👊win�#UFC19090 Now we just wait to see ho#RouseyvsSharkeishaBeLikekqH
#WhyIsIt that you're getting into a stronger relationship with your phone than with me or us? #WhatAreYouBecoming?!
#BeforeHashtagRoundUpApp It was a hassle to find fun & interesting hashtags to join in or tweets to read. 🙌�@HashtagRoundupup
Did a baby just teach another baby how to walk?! 😭 I can't handle this d
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#MyFavoriteCompetitiveSport Texting/Messaging back as soon as I get one. 📱�@TheHashtagGameme
#MyFavoriteCompetitiveSport Reorganizing ALL my thoughts into 140 chars or less within few secs before I forget or someone posts the same.😁
#ReasonsWereFriendsNoMore You didn't poke me back on Facebook. 😡👉🏽
Somebody's full of energy! Great performance. Def a fun watch! 🎶👯🎤…A6DQt
#IfMyIQWasHigher I would have found a way and be tweeting a novel within this Twitter's 140 characters limit.
#NationalGirlfriendDay Send her to kitchen where she belongs. Follow her. You belong there too. Everyone belongs there! Kitchen has 🎉FOOD🎉!
#ChildrenRockSongs - Baby Steps to Heaven - Shut Up & Pay Attention - We Will Startle You - Another One Bites the Cookie
#KeepAMovieCool Fahrenheit 7 (Beyond Coolness Hits Home) #furious7
"I've read the Terms and Conditions." #SaidNoOneEver ... EXCEPT
#BeautyPositive 4 Shades of Me 😊 Not with 20/20 vision or Hollywood looks but proud to be me and with loved ones. ❤️Z
#BeautyPositive You're all beautiful😍🙌 If you think or are told otherwise, time to trash that mirror (or person) and get a new one!
Girls with pretty eyes, cute smiles, and adorable laughs who are also beautiful inside and outside are a turn off. #SaidNoOneEver
.@ijustine Same to you too! 😊#HappyFridayy (and there goes my tweet, lost amidst justillion others 😞)
Twitter's getting too addicting. I'm gonna quit it cold. #SaidNoOneEver
Some days I'm the Titanic. Others, I'm the iceberg. Sometimes, I'm the guy that jumped & hit the propeller on the way down! #MyWeekInReview
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Those pants DO make your butt look bigger, hun! #SaidNoOneEver
#MyVideoGameConcept Pokémon (Grey's Expansion / PoGrémon 50) ID high pleasure items with PoGrédex, capture into PoGré Balls, choose by mood.
#BetterWaysToSpend55K Pay off credit, loans, and student loans debts for my parents and me. And live a debt free reborn life!
#IfTwitterExistedInThe1900s around the WWII era, only Hitlermoticons will be allowed to be used. 👮🏻
#IfIStartedMyOwnReligion It'll be for those who want to transcend to realm of highest GOOD. Path to take doesn't matter. Goal does.
#LiesMenTell - I'm not hurt. - I got a strong mind. - Not gonna cry either! - It's all good.
#IfTwitterExistedInThe1900s Server would probably be overloaded with hate tweets, gossip tweets, and threat DMs between leaders or groups.
-Uh huh yeah -Are you listening? -Yeah -What did I say? -Uhhh #LiesMenTell
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#HashtagGamesTaughtMe sometimes you're too focused trimming them words to fit in 140 chars that bad grammar slipped through. 😓
✨👫 "It's confirmed that we are all aliens. That dance is the universal language. Be you. Get weird." 👫✨
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#IfTwitterExistedInThe1900s Baby Justin will take over with baby #Beliebers goo-ing, gaa-ing, giggling. @justinbieber
#IfTwitterExistedInThe1900s "It's Morphin' Time!" "We need Megazord Power Now!"
#IfTwitterExistedInThe1900s Tamagotchi progress images will be all over with some fun hashtags.
LOL @kaungko #IfTwitterExistedInThe1900s the Wright Brothers may have crashed at Kitty Hawk while tweeting selfies.…
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#IfTwitterExistedInThe1900s My ancestors would have also followed @TheHashtagGame after its birth. 😏👣💬
#HashtagGamesTaughtMe #IfTwitterExistedInThe1900s there would still be world wars due to bias in Follows, Favs, RTs, subtweets, duplicates.
#HashtagGamesTaughtMe there are many fun, creative, imaginative, good-looking, and cool tweeps out there! Good reads! ✊
#HashtagGamesTaughtMe Tweeting's like a box of assorted chocolates, addicting and you never know if you'll get sweet response or yucky one.
#INerdOutOver everything else I shouldn't be doing online or on my phone when I'm supposed to be focusing on #life stuffs or studying.
#MarriedPeopleIssues Making plans and decisions are a two way street ... with one way usually blocked for access.

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