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Adam Barretto
Happy birthday xyz! @xaaanshine ✌️☺️
Selling Dale Mangapit. DM me if interested :)
but i know that i still need you here
Hiii I have your planner na �@fayemangapitt
nobody said it was easy
I just had to go to school huh. Tsk.
take away gravity and i'd still fall for you
old lovers have a way of opening old wounds
stop humiliating yourself
Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
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Slade Wilson is a bitch
I was her, she was me
I'm so good at games I don't need hands to play them!
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It's just too groovy to not dance to
Uptown Funk is amazing
The scars remind me that the past is real
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doesn't matter if you take another pill coz in reality you're sicker than you think you are
i'd go back to December
2 months to get over how mad I am at the writers of TWD
You say: It’s nothing now. You don’t say: But it was everything then
Infamous na ang CEU
a thousand lies to make me colder
Pa tips tips pa bobo naman
My daughter keeps on talking about how much she wants the "D", but we want good grades in this house!
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run away with my heart
So this handsome dolphin asks her to marry him and instead she kisses another guy what a rude bitch
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I should be watching the Flash right now.
i can just look up and know the stars are holding you tonight
Uptown Funk you up!
you can never really trust anyone but yourself
this is why i hate sharing secrets