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Kathryn Smith:')
Without that little voice in your head, you wouldn't be reading this now...
5 hours in a car, and i'm just done now.
'HI, I'm Tate, I'm dead. Wanna hook up?' Fave quote from AHS ever.
You're embarassing yourself.
Sorry I didn't think that shade of orange ever looked nice as a skin tone.
When you just look at someone and you begin to get annoyed... that's when you know it's hatrid with a passion.
We are the last generation whose baby photos were not taken with phones.
Why are you running away? Tell me please, tell me please, i need to know
All i want is the capability to do both eyes of eyeliner right the first time.
Hayfever is the worst part of summer.
Get moaned at whatever I do:') .
I'm actually going to leave my house today:')
Can i gather some motivation from somewhere please
You try and start banter on every status and you're not even hilar, wet wipe.
You're an embarrassment to the human race.
I actually despise house music that's my opinion okay don't start giving me abuse
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Don't let society change who you really are, be proud of yourself.
Big thanks to @kathrynsmith100 for guiding the blind friend up the stairs in the cinema, muchas appreciated
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I don't understand people who write 'cool' as 'kewl'. It is taking you exactly the same number of letters to type it?
How do people get a thrill from bullying people? Hate bullies with a passion.
I don't understand how a fly can get in a 5cm gap in the window, but never can find it's way out when the door is wide open.
Yes thank-you for point out the obvious, much appreciated.