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Kathryn Smith:')
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It'd not even funny how ill i am:(
I have ate some of my Dad's advent calendar, and i feel bad therefore i should probably buy him another one
Doings drugs doesn't make you 'hard' it makes you stupid.
Trust about 2 people excluding my family:/ urgh it's poo
I said all along Foggy would be down to the final two:))
Sound when people blank you:)))
'I'll stop cutting if you follow me' ... ok. Self harm isn't a joke, it's not 'stupid' it's a cry for help. What even is humanity omg.
I have woken up with the worst headache ever:(
I proper couldn't cope in the jungle
'Starbucks are planning on launching a delivery service' life has been completed.
How beautiful is Ed Sheeran's voice though:(
The christmas lights in town get switched on far too early, in my opinion.
Feel like the luckiest girl in the world... lifes so good
People who judge you on everything are the worst types of people.
Why do you think you're God's gift when you look like you've been eaten by chimpanzees and spat out into your grave??? I don't understand.
Monday is the worst horror ever.
Love rosie was such a cringey but cute film
Braces are such a killer;(
I actually have plans for this weekend, happy me:)
Why would you support a rapist tho?:/ humanity disgusts me.
Someome needs to make some sick plans for new year
I really don't understand why some people think that being physically sick is good.
All these making jokes about ebola would go sick if someone made a cancer joke. Hypocrites everywhere.
All my tights rip after like 2 days and it bothers me.
I like the new Twitter design:))))
Warren will not come mine tonight because he wants to sleep... top boyfriend:')
Feeling like you have no one to talk to is the worst.
I love winter. Winter meaning snow and coldness. Not rain. No rain. Urgh.
People who just stir stuff around and try and cause trouble for people just want hitting over the head with a hammer.
I can tell Warren makes you happy. You have been much more happy lately hun. — I have:') and he does:))
Someone should have a halloween party, bc i'd never be allowed one bc my parents are lil bores:(
I prefer Halloween to christmas oh god
I need new people to speak to, someone message meeee
Animal abuse is just plain wrong.
Them girls who think they're gods gift and in reality they look like they've just been beat up by chimpanzees annoy me.
Hate hate hate sitting inside with nothing to do. Makes my mood go well crap.
Although I am no longer obsessed, i am so so proud of how far they've come>< #2YearsOfSetThisWorldOnFire
I'm currently listening to glee volume 3, reflecting on how bad my social life has become.
I want brilliant plans for today, but I know I'll just end up sitting in town again. Lol @ my lyf.
i have an itchy foot and it's just not going away.
Why did i wake up at 7am to do a workout? Why oh why?
My phone didn't charge over night, and now I'm sad:(
Slow replies are the worst.