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Kath Smith
Someone didn't pay the £5.99 did they?!?! #facebookdown
Wonder how many people have returned to twitter now that facebook is down hahaa
Everyone is attractive on the vampire diaries, I can't cope😍
Regret so many things but you're my biggest regret.
Once upon a time has made Peter Pan into a villain and I'm so upset about it:(
Hate feeling like i've been used.
It's scary thinking I leave school on Friday:o Roll on these 12 weeks off tho!
Nothing makes me more angry than when pregnant women smoke.
Jane you silly arse, why cut the cheese in the first place?! #Edexcelmaths
I hate exams so so much.
Break-ups are hard but there not the end of the world..
Someone message me?
I don't know why I keep waking up every hour;(
kathryn.smith1001 <- skype??
Went to go and watch olly last night and i'm still taking it in, i love him so much
Can't even be arsed, everyone gets to go camping after their exams and i'm going to be stuck at home.
This cough should really run along.
I've not drew in so long omg. Not my best.
10,000 on Twitter? Wth:3 i love you all x
If you were born into our generation, you'll understand why Frozen is so overrated.
Someone please explain to me why people think it's okay to mock or lie about a mental illness.
Everything's just fitting into place perfectly!
Don't understand liars.. the truth always comes out;/
Someone throw us a dm there?
Gossip Girl is too addicting.
Michael took me to see Cinderella and it was literally the cutest thing anyone has ever done for me.
Me being ill is me watching 10 hours straight of gossip girl.
It's a horrible feeling knowing you're not making your parents proud. Need to have a huge turn around. Determined.
Considering starting to make youtube videos
No amount of guilt or regret can change the past. No amount of anxiety or worry can change the future. Focus on the present.
It's funny how in the 1920s.. girls were called 'sluts' for a skirt below the knee... now a skirt showing half of a girls arse is acceptable
All I want in my life right now is a coffee
Kudos to all who got off their backsides and participated in today's @sthelens10krun Whereas I sat on mine with a note off my Mam, sorry :(
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no one really knows what's going on inside your head...
Fighting with weapons is the cowards way out...
My twitter hasn't been working the past few days but now I have returned to the beautiful place.
Tbh direct messaging me and calling me fat hasn't bothered me in the slightest:)))
skype - kathryn.smith1001
Shrek is the only fairytale that proves you don't need to be perfect to get your happy ever after...
There is a girl at my school and she looks like a fucking whale
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'Messy night with the lads' Yes, because sitting in your room with three people with a few WKDS, is the highest point in your life.

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