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Kat Dennings
There are very bad people out there. Be one of the good ones.
Posting pics hacked from someone's cell phone is really no different than selling stolen merchandise.
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Last kitten smooch of the night
My brother just told me I look like @BretEastonEllis
And then this baby #kittenheaven
#magicthekitten πŸ’ž
The two pretty babies @divazappa #magicthekitten
I haven't met anyone named Keith in a hot minute #keith
You arrived with my pants @ali_michael @marcel_tv πŸ’ž
Since my twitter won't link to my Instagram, you can watch me put ice water on my head for charity. Instagram: katdenningsss
Here it is, ladies! My ALS ice bucket challenge. Thanks @nmills83. Your move @maayanandonly_x and @zaldynyc
Shooting an episode of #2BrokeGirls with @OfficialKat & @BethBehrs! Can’t wait for you to see it 10/27 @ 8pm on #CBS
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Sunday line-learning brainsplosion
Visit your local rescue centre this weekend & maybe bring home a new best friend :) @pupaid #adopt
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"This is nice." - straight guy on vacation "I hate it here." - gay guy on vacation
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🍰🍰🍰🍰 #tbt
I like to drive these humans around @kirstenvangsness #NeilGaiman #sushirollinondubs
90 Y/O Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein arrested in #Ferguson for speaking out against police brutality @StanfordKMOV
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Any claims the #Ferguson police make should not be believed, since they are essentially imposing a media blackout at gunpoint.
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Irony: many peaceful protestors being arrested. Shooter remains free. #Ferguson
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#Ferguson police are creating a situation where forceful self-defense by civilians is not only justified, it may be necessary for survival.
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It'll be the laugh of the century for the IRS if I ever get audited because all my receipts are for coconuts
My weekends are mostly spent being sad the 90s are over
@itsmolls Molly. We were so young.
This is the first woman to ever win the highest prize in mathematics and she is FASCINATING:
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I stand against police brutality, and will not rest until #JusticeforMichael is served. Join us: #NAACP
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Kitty is fine. Thank you everybody! #twittermagic
Any vets or techs? Kitty was sitting next to a dead Woodlouse spider this morning! Is it poisonous if it bit her or she chewed it??Thank you
I like pulling the covers all the way up and pretending I'm dead
My folk album "I Left My Loom In Your Foyer" drops September 3rd
At this point in my life, being on 'Ask Me Another' is number 2 on my bucket list
AC guy leaves with the door left open. My cat got out. Silverlake: please keep an eye out for a HUGE orange cat.
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I will never be in the mood to watch "Melancholia" again
Our director @dscard sets hearts aflame on the reg #earlymorning #goodmoods #magichands #2brokegirls