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❆ Kathlyn Beall ❆
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Taco Bell doesn't have a playground because it's hard to have fun when you might shit your pants.
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girls be like 5'1 & try to say "omg hes 6'4 he can be bae 😍" bitch stay in your lane he cant even see you
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reasons why i stop replying: • i’m busy • you’re boring • i’m mad • you replied with one word • you asked for a pic
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The Fault in My Grades 😂😂 My grades dropped the way you fall asleep.... Slowly then all at
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I like being alone but I hate feeling alone.
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"To love someone is to confront them with they're own worthlessness ". I love you @Amazing_Abby 😏😏
May the 4th Be with you
it’s almost 4/20 you know what that means yes it means it’s almost time for chocolates to go on sale haha I love easter
Bread so French it must be liberated @Amazing_Abby
Sweet McDonalds ice tea, I drink that @Amazing_Abby
I don't consort with those of the robot race
Gonna (Penelope) Cruz to rehearsal in my (Harrison)Ford w/a (Brad) Pitt-stop in (Kerry) Washington state-beautiful this time of year #Oscars
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"She's as tough as a two dollar steak" 😂
Somebody please get me this I'll love you forever for it
I like when when @kat_beall favorites my tweets from two days ago..
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Just saw Dot Jones at Belk 😳😊
Don't you just hate it when other people steal your icicles
Brother beat my hight score on flappy bird , I quit this family
Everything outside reminds me of a powdered donut
If it snows I'm definitely going to build my own Olaf⛄
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White girls be like I'll have one triple mocha dark chocolate ugg boot raspberry white iphone 5 double caramel infinity sign frappe please.
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Stupid question of the day: "Lions hunt deer right ? , ya know, white tailed deer?" #obviously #greateducation