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i went back on @shaycarl & @katilette’s podcast and talked about what all this Sasquatch stuff is about. Learn.
If I unfollowed snoop on instagram I'd save 12 minutes a day no disrespect
One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen (still watching) was just uploaded. This is not a test.… (@BathBoysComedy)
@thereallisaann: ShowTime @VanityColumbus”u look skinnier babe lemme know if you need to talk
San Francisco QB Closet Cabinet
checking waivers for Light Ning DeLay
RGIII wiping tears with a beach towel
leaving Idaho now before church hours
@shaycarl: I know you can't see him but @kassemg is in this photo. #HeadToToeCamo” camel flage
Shay owns everything this sun touches
where marshmallow peeps are born
@MakerStudios: Shay and Kassem inspecting Sasquatch skulls.” incorrect
When two life paths converge into an undeniable forever friendship. @kassemg #love #bliss
Retweeted by kassemg
Boner Pile, Idaho
this is for @andybell
no footy can can canine
a full grown @shaycarl in the wild
"Your windows are eyes to your house." -@shaycarl
stupid @shaycarl came too
Dr. Jeff Meldrum showing me the only Sasquatch ass cast in the world.
got some stuff
someone tell the kids drinking out of lifestraws in Africa that downtown LA is having a fucking dope water slide day:…
@comedynews: Nick Rutherford joins his Good Neighbor members at SNL” congrats @nickrutherford!!
“cool let’s just remember to touch index fingers at the end bono"
haven’t we learned from the “limited" U2 edition ipods that are still on the shelf
i know at least 3 people that will get that awful blue sport band
still trying to identify the sex of the narrator
and not a very important area for phil schiller
how bout make a left at the street asshole
forrest gump?
fuck that coldplay rocked the house
finally gonna understand waning and waxing
imma fuck this thing good
standing O for a watch i’ll never forget this
look at the shade phil schiller’s belly is casting on his waist
tone down the translator you un-American fucks
looks like steve young has some tough decisions to make about his hair
yeah you might think RGIII’s dreads are super weird cause of how it bounces but guess who’ll be first to know if a T-Rex is getting close
“The galaxy is in RGIII’s eyes” -Will Smith in Men In Black
can someone reappropriate the old quiznos sub creatures but use RGIII’s eyes instead
we should terminate RGIII’s contract for those subway ads
It's like his features are gathering at the face center for info regarding the erosion happening at the forehead
Today on Wendy: Mike "The Situation" and his brother the human disney cartoon