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Let your body be my playground
Check me out on google
Would you be more careful of what you say
Hol'up @DeeJayTrap hol'up trap !!!!!!! Dey ain't ready
If you aint heard it yet BUY YOU LACKING dont get caught....…
Kash Bambino - Murder Scene ft Chezzy Montana, Pope Marley & Juke
That nigga @RealAmezzy be turnt all day everyday
im on the rise , no lacking no stressing
I want a family ,u know wha I'm tawkin bout. Gorgeous brownskin wife Lul girl lil boy; cuffed up out the sound good #dreams
He gone be a hooper, he not even two yet
I miss you, but I dnt think u deserve to know it keep it 1000
Life is only so long and you only have so little time to find your purpose on earth #kashbambino
I need things to fall in place now❗️💯
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It's hard to pretend loving someone, but it's even harder to pretend you don't love somebody when you do
remember time is precious but only when u actually give a fuck
its so cray how someone can have a big impact on your life when they havnt even been in it !
i love her so much, miss her so much...only if we could see one another #time
i hate when people screen shot personal shit, thats not what its for
social networks aint the same no more they just hook-up/dating sites now ppl use twitter & facebook for ALL da wrng reasons EXPOSURE is mine
i been juggin,fuck the internet & fuck that bitch Dont Need #single #rich #shell #almostFamous #tour #studio #working #charlotte #blackPower
i miss you so much , and you won't even let me show it
bitches aint no different from niggas. they learn from us
The past cannot be ERASED, CHANGED, FORGOTTEN or EDITED, it can only be accepted
when bad things happen it only STRENGTHENS you, DEFINES you or DESTROYS you
Never put all your eggs in one basket, you bound to be left wit ya dick in ya hand my nigga #teach
when people try to pull me down it just confirms that im above them
The more attention you ignore, the more you will get
california is my move june, its already plugged in
just getting in....long night of studio,tryna really put in this work in & get the f**k outta dodge
one person followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
Trust is like a ERASER; it gets SMALLER &smaller after every MISTAKE'
Being single dont mean your weak, just means your STRONG enough to wait for what you deserve
on haters wit my niggas posted for da money & dem pussys up da way #iheard plotting on my thug rob & chicigo #COMESEEME #1800
For 25cent This Hoe Swallowed balls till she died !!!!!!!!!!
Let go of those who bring you down & surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you.