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Karthikeyan KC
TH2 is pretty good. Fixed most of the bugs. And it took two days for the update to complete!
It's heaven here in #coimbatore!! Perfect day...
Why #Honey Never Spoils?… Follow @Geekswipe for more interesting #science. Aaaand... Have a sweet day!
Lost a screw! Ended up cleaning the room!
How #NASA Calculates the Distance, Velocity and Position of the #Voyager Spacecrafts…
So that's how stress eating works... Kewl...
#Earth's atmosphere is leaking since the origin of the planet. It's never too late to learn the #science behind it.…
How St. Elmo’s Fire (not a #fire) Works?… Read the #science behnind the phenomenon on @Geekswipe.
Python is seductive... :) Measure the Time You Take to Type a Word Using #Python… via @Geekswipe
Can #Water Explode?… Follow @Geekswipe for more interesting science stuffs.
Using a kickass CAD software for a simple science illustration... How crazy can I go?
What Happens to Water When You Compress It?…
What's the point of CAPTCHAs if spambots could circumvent it with CAPTCHA farms? Sigh! Hit with 274 spam registrations!
Ever heard of cheap marketing? @Flipkart shows it! Why d fuck do I need an app fr buyin a sticky note? #FlipkartFail
Calm down... Inner Peace... Tales wandering everywhere; hell's beneath the lines of codes that defy my peace. Hell yeah, today is the worst!
Find an ant! Get a high speed camera! Watch it in action! :)
The whole point of life... Smiling :) Enjoying :) Gaming :) Past and the Future can learn from my present... Future should definitely!
Week 1 and still on loop - ♫ Theemai Thaan Vellum... ♫
If you think #helium changes the pitch of your voice, you are wrong! Find out why helium turns your voice squeaky...…
This climate... Priceless...
And the list goes on... Directsound plugin has issues too. Parent issue rooted to realtek and #windows10.
These high frequency sounds work rarely. A few mins ago, it made two of my neighbour's dogs go mad! Yay! :P
#Windows10 bugs + Crappy #BSNL, is making me dizzy already. Maybe I should read my book for the fourth time! Or piss off my neighbour's dog!
To add... The Indian Department of Telecommunications is the goofiest sector in India. @rsprasad has no idea what he is doing!
There is really no point in ranting about the lazy bastards who run this government. I'd rather move on and enjoy a geo-blocked channel...
I'm almost done with #Windows10. Torrent trackers Vs. win 10 machines, dysfunctional start menu, driver issues, crappy security scheme! Uff!
My internet is getting on my nerves... My ping record is 965 now... I was blocked on a social media for ranting abt it... Why me! Why me!!
Same security scheme inherited from previous versions! This should've stopped at 7! I believed 10 would have revamped the schemes! 😒
I take back my word! Windows 10 is full of bugs! The irony... It's buggier than the preview builds! @Microsoft! You had one job!
Theemai Dhaan Vellum - @hiphoptamizha! Best track guys! #NowPlaying #Loop
ICYMI: Why Hot Water Freezes Faster than Cold Water?… #Water #Science via @Geekswipe
Oh the rain... Bring it on :)
What do you think about #Gravity in #Space? Can you feel it in space? Explore the #science -… via @Geekswipe
*until - Damn typo OCD!
MSN's/Bing's best features are still geographically locked. Why so? Even the @bing lockscreen rotation on WP8 has to be done manually! #WHY?
This comes from me, after one week of using and testing Microsoft #Edge - It's awesome! It's fast! Versatile! And I'm gonna stick with it :)
#Windows10 #PSA - Re install Punkbuster after windows 10 upgrade!
Ten's Automatic updates!!! My first reaction (from my standpoint as a common BSNL user) -…

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