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Karthikeyan KC
Warm Water vs. Cold Water- Which One Should You Drink… via @Geekswipe
#Cinema Therapy: Why #Movies and TV Shows Are Important? | Geekswipe… via @Geekswipe
#WorstCompanyEver: @EA @OriginInsider U r a ticking disaster nd yu r gonna tumble down! Blood will be on #EASupport! #BF3 sucks #SteamFTW
I love my friends! Just uninstalled their #BF3 and #BF4 and ended the clans... 7 so far :) Take that morons @OriginInsider @EA. I feel calm!
I'm a little late... #Dhoom3 is just 3hrs of #WatchDogs beta. WatchDogs VFX is better!
(2/2) @AskEASupport @EA I guess now u knw why aimbots flood yur servers! U've messed with an angry gamer!
(1/2) @AskEASupport Fuck yu and your support!! I've been open with a ticket for about two weeks and still no response!
So! My dear #facebook friends.. Welcome to #twitter, eons after... I hope you all came here to check if #facebookdown is trending... -_-
(3/3) @rahul_subash immersion. It let's u manipulate the combination of these as a single virtual human who does a lot more than d real one.
(2/3) @rahul_subash On the other hand, when you take #BF or any #FPS games, it's all mathematics, geometry, textures, animations, virtual
(1/3) @rahul_subash When yu breakdown football it's just a recreational activity that involves a ball and a few humans to fight for it!
First week - #origin screws my gaming hours! Second week - #bsnl and #origin Third week - #bsnl Fourth week - #origin again! #BF3 sucks :(
Playing #BF3 online wit #BSNL is one frickin hell!!!! #NIB - WHY YOU NO UPGRADE????? @narendramodi TELECOM!! Look into it! NOW! PLZ!
Seriously! What the fuck @AskEASupport?? What the heck is transitioning? 25 games today and everything crashes! Give my stats back! #BF3
Duke Engine :) Mmmmm... Yummmy!
#Hulu is never gonna be the same without you @DaveFennoy! You rocked man!
KarthikEyaN - a.k.a - KEN : Stars, Airplanes, Codes and THE LIFE - It all started in 1999. I always hated...