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Karthikeyan KC
So @digg is bringing back the conversations... *Nostalgic memories flickers*
Ready for tomorrow's #leapsecond? Know more about it - What Is a Leap Second and How Does It Work?… via @Geekswipe
Tryin to pay my bill! @HostGator and @PayPal - "Your bank has a problem!" @TheOfficialSBI - "No! We are OK! No problem here!" ME - "Why me?"
Dear Indian Government (MHRD and Telecom), If u've read (responded to) my emails, India could've been a little FASTER! You lazy sloths!!!!
For some 'mysterious' 'unknown' reason, BSNL is finally serving me with the full 2Mbps I'm payin for... Something's wrong! O.o
So here is my question... If I collect all 7 dragonballs and summon the eternal dragon shenron, can I ask for a shenron cloning machine?
After E3, Itz gameplay videos everywhere... I'm still cooling down my 525M :/ So much feels...
I want a panda... A big fluffy panda... And I want more bamboos too...
I've been whining about the GTA V PC release date for years... And I'm still sitting here, listening to cousin Roman wanting to go bowling!
I wrote a #Python script to estimate the time you take to type a word (usin keystrokes). 1st time with Tkinter GUI!…
This is how @NASA Calculates the Distance, Velocity and Position of the Voyager Spacecrafts:… #Voyager #Exploration
Note to self - Write a letter to George Lucas soon!
"What did Scott Fitzgerald ever do to you?" #TED2 :)
Played Halo:CE a million times...Still it feels like the very first time :) A real game with a heartbeat.
I had a dream today... Han solo turning to the dark side and beating up Chewbacca... O.o
THIS TRACK IS FRICKING CRAAAZY! #Nasdrovia!!! Currently listening on @Geekswipe Shuffle:…
Bringing the triforce into @Geekswipe :) A special treat for the beloved geeks and my readers... Very soon :D
It's been a week since I ordered a book on @amazonIN! Still it's not dispatched? It's clearly not on stock! But even with POD? Sigh!
It's time! #Windows10... Waiting by the shore :)
Remapped some important keys of my keyboard for lolz and used it for a month.. Just reset everything and now the lolz is gone.. Brain hurts!
As a writer, I receive a lot of suggestions from fellow writers. Mostly about violating conventional literary practices! Screw them all!
Finally... Breeeeeeze and drops.... My GPU thanks you, Earth...
Announce the symbol/flag for earth - Build some cool spacefighters - Wait for the evil aliens to arrive. B| This is going to be awesome! :D
Only a few months to go.. Everybody, please be nice to Cortana :)
Frak! I got kicked frm all d BF3 servers 4 high ping again. 10+ in d past 2 days! Thnk u BSNL! A special hell on earth waits 4 all bsnl ppl!
Sometimes when I run out of /r/funny I go to my spam folder and read all the mails. Today, I got a mail from British ministry!
When life gives you lemons, force feed it to kids and record the chaos :P
"Think fast and slow"
Ready for the 26th Leap Second insertion this June? Explore it now.
Bored.. Watched some Winnie the Pooh.. Sneaked into the kitchen.. Turned into Pooh... Emptied the honey bottle.. :P Delicate...
Dear #BF3 admins, Since when 250 is a high ping? -_- That's the frickin average ping of India... Make it 300 FFS! - Seriously annoyed medic!
Yabadabadoo :) That's one beeeeeg rain :)
The most ridiculous thing today! 'An IAS officer legally warned for wearing sunglasses' -_- @narendramodi aka @PMOIndia ... Seriously?
Legends of Tomorrow... Minority Report... Con Man... 2015 is awesome!
Why Is It Hard to Wake up Every #Morning? Explore the #science of sleep inertia -… Oh yeah! Good morning :)
#ITAP and I smiled :) Couldn't find a better name to this shot -… #Sky #CloudNine
It doesn't make any sense..
Two weeks without a smartphone... Life was never blissful like this... Towards a slow transition :)
#ITAP (Technically... I cropped AP from a previous shot )… :) #Outdoors
You know how to dial a stargate? PC or Console? U a Browncoat? #FirstDateQuestions
Love the new Flickr... Great overhaul! Missing some old UI thou...
#Raining :) One perfect rain... After a long time...
It's so dark in this hill of mine. It's a happy lonely darkness. A darkness where it all began and where it all ends. Every man for himself.

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