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Karthikeyan KC
"Think fast and slow"
Ready for the 26th Leap Second insertion this June? Explore it now.
Bored.. Watched some Winnie the Pooh.. Sneaked into the kitchen.. Turned into Pooh... Emptied the honey bottle.. :P Delicate...
Dear #BF3 admins, Since when 250 is a high ping? -_- That's the frickin average ping of India... Make it 300 FFS! - Seriously annoyed medic!
Yabadabadoo :) That's one beeeeeg rain :)
The most ridiculous thing today! 'An IAS officer legally warned for wearing sunglasses' -_- @narendramodi aka @PMOIndia ... Seriously?
Legends of Tomorrow... Minority Report... Con Man... 2015 is awesome!
Why Is It Hard to Wake up Every #Morning? Explore the #science of sleep inertia -… Oh yeah! Good morning :)
#ITAP and I smiled :) Couldn't find a better name to this shot -… #Sky #CloudNine
It doesn't make any sense..
Two weeks without a smartphone... Life was never blissful like this... Towards a slow transition :)
#ITAP (Technically... I cropped AP from a previous shot )… :) #Outdoors
You know how to dial a stargate? PC or Console? U a Browncoat? #FirstDateQuestions
Love the new Flickr... Great overhaul! Missing some old UI thou...
#Raining :) One perfect rain... After a long time...
It's so dark in this hill of mine. It's a happy lonely darkness. A darkness where it all began and where it all ends. Every man for himself.
So finally found the track that inspired the Tata Safari Dicor's 'Reclaim your life' signature tune... #pandora
Write a dream journal! You can do this awesome thing right now!! When you could remember every tiny bit of your dreams.. You'll thank me :)
Ha ha.. That smug little light bulb...
That little dot again... Again tells me that this small place is not the world I should think about. It's good to have that pic by me...
#C3PO #Stormtrooper #BB8 :D Wish if there were #R2D2 #Chewy emojis too.. Good job @twitter :)
There is that epic photograph of me again :) I feel like an E.T. looking at this... #SoMuchHappiness
I have spent the last 4 months in writing @DischaferBook.. It was a great experience. Starting tomorrow I'm gonna read some non fiction :)
RT @DischaferBook Heard you... Kindle version of #Dischafer will be available soon :)
Net Neutrality in India? lol... TRAI ends everything!
Got my first few fan mails/messages from @DischaferBook readers... Made my day :) So much support and love... Thank you all... #Dischafer
Happiest kid in the world :D ^_^ First book purchased by my mom and dad :) #Dischafer
#Dischafer is available on all leading online retails and will be soon available on all platforms. Find out more at
Big day today... Leap of faith :)
Wrapping up my celebrations with my characters... Coming back to reality in.. T-W-O - - D-A-Y-S
Damn! That's a bummer! Sorry for that.. Be patient.. I will escape from the Central Military Command soon.. With d full video + book ;) :D
Alright! They are on to me... I am trying the first open transmission!
Promotional video is complete... Will stream live from inside my novel... Hope I cud bypass the CMC's keyword detection systems...
Central Military Command rules the skies even in my mind... Can't communicate often... Damn I built this world with too many details.. :/
Travelling in to my mind. To celebrate the upcoming launch/reveal of my novel with my characters. Will connect wid d real world frm there.
Downloaded this month's #Origin update like 10+ times... Rebooted a gazillion times and still update fails to install... Wat nw @EA -_- !!!!
Reading Deadpool on a Thursday... In my Lumia... Wowzaaa....
Taught this to a kid a few days ago - "Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty" :) Though he had no idea what it is now, he will thank me soon.. B|
Hop... Skid... Swipe left... Swipe right... A decent score... Happy life... 😆
And NO!!! Earth hour will not bring any sort of awareness whatsoever... It's one of the dimwitted campaigns on the planet....
I'm saying it again... Earth hour is a waste of time... And any one who asks me to turn off my lights will be punched in the face...

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