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Rare Heart
I don't want to be perfect and wanted in the eyes of a thousand girls. I want to be perfect for only one.
Great things come to those who wait.. But greater things come to those who control their desires.
Diamonds shine bright like the stars in the sky. I'll be a thief to steal the night and put the stars in your eyes.
Lol, he wins the cutest minion award. Spread the smiles :) #cute #adorable
Even though I don't know many of you... In my eyes you are perfect. Thank you for being who you are <3
Rare Heart Music Coming Soon.
It's the birthday boy @shamidrees Thank you for always being a true brother and having my back when times were rough <3
It's @Shamidrees' birthday tomorrow! He's finally turning 23 years old 😌
If the fame don't faze you. Then the game won't break you.
Please do not store private photos of yourselves on your iPhone. Someone recently hacked into iCloud and is exposing people's privacy. RT
There is nothing that can stop us from achieving peace. We are one nation, one creation, one earth. #RareHeart <3
If we put our hearts together and our hands together, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving peace. We are one nation, one creation, one earth. #RareHeart <3
Be Happy. Be Thankful. Be Giving. Happy Thanksgiving!
One thing you must know about humans. We are gifted with creating excuses.
For each door that closes, two other doors open. Stop focusing on what you lost, and start focusing on what you can potentially gain. <3
I wouldn't mind being electrocuted by a Pikachu cat. 😝 "Tag" your friends for smiles 😀
Hey everyone! My Facebook page is almost at 400k. Please take a moment and "like", and if you really support then invite your friends. Together we will spread love and positivity! The link is in my Instagram bio. Love you all very much and thank you so much for your love and support! ❤️ Without you
This is the baby Karter many of you wanted to see <3
This is the baby Karter many of you wanted to see. I am truly honoured for being raised in such a loving and wonderful family. I was really spoiled as a kid but I've grown up to learn the value of giving and loving. It really does make a difference because it shaped me to become the man I am today.
S/O to my bro @PrinceEa for being a big influence to changing people's perceptions on life. You're a true inspiration to this generation!
Hey family :) wishing you all a wonderful day full of happiness and joy! 😄
Hello everyone! I am wishing you all a wonderful day full of happiness, laughter and success ❤️ Don't forget to smile 😃
Confidence is Attractive. Cockiness is Ugly.
The universe lives inside of your mind. Everything exists in your conscience. Only you can change the way you perceive the world.
New music coming very soon. Thank you for your patience, it'll be worth the wait... I promise.
Apparently Ebola is coming to the UK on the 28th of October... Lol, So now Ebola has tour dates?
Okay this little Asian girl won my heart. This is actually so adorable! Tag your friends and make them smile 😄
The true meaning of life is to give life a true meaning. 💚
Just one simple smile can alter someone's entire mood. The power of happiness and kindness is our first step towards peace.
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Without Pain, There Is No Improvement.
Make something. Don't let something make you.
This is my nephew Rayan 😃 He's a precious kid MashAllah! A lot people think he's my son... Apparently we look alike but i dont really see the resemblance :p InshAllah I get a child like him one day ❤️
Imagine if we were able to see inside people instead of outside of them. I think there would be peace, because no one would leave the house.
Over 10 thousand photos on Instagram have used the hashtag Hijabi Queen ... I truly feel honoured! I am proud to inspire you! Stay strong <3
Lucky to be alive, you are blessed my brother. Wealth don't matter, its health my brother.
The grief is engraving your hole... The relief is en-caged in your soul.
Eid Mubarak my brothers and sisters. ❤️
99% of us are locked in this maze. The other 1% are controlling the game.
Eid Mubarak My Brothers And Sisters. I Sincerely Wish All Of Your Dreams Come True And That Your Families Are In Great Health. <3 #InshAllah
If you really think about it, there is no difference between any of us.
Feels great to be a #BeardedKing 😎