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Karter Zaher
Am I The Only One With This Old School Arab Mentality? :P
Am I the only one with this Arab mentality? :p
Remember this... In order for us to find universal peace, first we must learn to find peace within ourselves.
In your heart & in your mind. In your dreams, your soul will find. A perfect world we can intertwine. Cause loving is never a waste of time.
Wishing you a Jumma Mubarak from me and my nephew <3
Just surprised my little nephew at his school. He ran to me with open arms and gave me the tightest hug :) He's the most loving kid you will ever meet <3
I'm spending most of my time at the studio. My inspiration has been unreal. I'm truly excited to present to you this new sound. Love you <3
Let's make peace look coolish. And let's make evil look foolish. Let's reunite our people. Don't just talk, let's do this <3
Why can't we just give? <3 #Peace #Love
Beautiful sunshine out today! How's everyone doing? :)
Beautiful sunshine out today :) How's everyone doing?
You're perfect. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. <3
There's a spark, a fuel, a good energy. Inside each soul, each sold separately. We just gotta find the way to its centre piece. <3
It's hearts all over the world tonight. <3
@KarterZaher you are so good looking love your blue eyes 😍 mashallah you look like a man out of janna 💋
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The world is corrupted. And it's not getting any better. It only gets more corrupt as the days go. We seriously need to stand together.
The passenger side is empty. It's missing someone...
A big part of a man's confidence comes from his Woman.
We chase love to escape the boredom. We buy things though we can't afford them. Cause we know one day our hearts will be rich in fortune.
How many likes for the most beautiful name?
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I have 2 #mcm @KarterZaher and @Shamidrees 😍💕 Amazing voices, great songs, yummy bodies, and beautiful eyes 😭😍
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Going to get that iPhone 6. #TeamiPhone
It is important to understand the difference between want & need. U want soda, but u NEED Water. U want a mansion, but u NEED a home.
How Many Retweets For The Most Beautiful Name?
Fait confiance a personne.
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I want you to stay the same way that you are, cause fame changes your heart. Getting attention from these strangers is the dangerous part.
If everything went as you planned it, then everyone would be successful. It is those who fight through their struggles who stand at the top.
I just want to take her out, and pretend like it's the first time we ever met.
AlHamdulillah For Everything! Never Forget To Appreciate What God Has Given You.
I think we can all agree that one of the hardest things in life is trying to plug in your charger in the dark.
My mom's blessings are the reason behind my success. From the bottom of my heart, I love you so much <3 #HijabiQueen
My mom is finally back from Lebanon! I'm soooo happy to have her back in my life, wallah every time I see her, I run to give her a big hug and a big kiss to make sure she knows how much I appreciate having her. She has given me the most love and never fails to put a smile on my face. From the bottom
We are all good by nature <3
The world lost purity. But we gained insecurity. All the good ones are in danger, and the bad ones are in security.
"I cover my hair, not my brain." #HijabiQueen
If everyone loved their jobs, there wouldn't be as much greed. Let's find what we have passion for and work hard to do what we love.
Ladies, the next time a guy tries touching u. Stop him & give him a rude look. He will gain so much respect for u & will want u even more.
A car full of 5 Hijabi girls just drove by me.... They were listening to the song "Can't touch this"... Lol, Talk about Irony.
Beautiful sunshine today :) how's everyone doing?
Men are not hard to satisfy ladies. They just want good food, a clean house and some peace of mind :)
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People STILL wonder, why you're always covered.
My mom got me a pic of this girl in our village in Lebanon that she wants me to marry. No joke the girl looks 13 years old. Mama chill out!
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