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Carrie Mae
Jumpstart the day with a bowl of #fresh #fruits. 😁👍
Sesame #salad. Going greener. Hihi 😂
Starting my day with a boost of #healthy #breakfast.
Ambitious attempt to photograph. #nofilter
I was steeping my #tea when I suddenly noticed these @yogitea 's messages about #love. Okay, I paid for it. Haha! 😂
A month supply of #tea. Yes, TEA. 🍵coz I need a break from coffee 💔
Best of Me. #food
Happy #Birthday to this #GGSS man forever and ever! Cheers to more adventures with you here and somewhere soon!! If you know what I mean. So, keep the faith my dear. Habeerday! 😁
Daily #sweet cravings. Sticky #Cinnamon Bun.
#Saturdays are soooo fun! Happy Birthday ate Angela!
😭😭 Oversized #Cinnamon Cake Danish. I'm floating 😇. Thanks @adel3neri such a good bake!
Ohh #Saturday 🌞🌞 Smooth.
Parallel Bar -- Where most of the magic happens. #Physiotherapy
Hello to this gigantic visitor today. #BFF Bwisit #Friend Forever. Love you to bits! 😘😘
Shawarma #Pizza 🙌👍
Good Morning #tea and smooth traffic. 🌞🍵
"Knowledge can never replace friendship. I'd rather be an idiot than lose you." - Spongebob to Patrick Now I know why... HAHA! Happy #Birthday Macho gwapito! May you please stop being Jeje and babaero and annoying already LOL JOKE! So, I just wanna say thank you coz for exactly 22 years of your exis
Dose of Danish + Currant and Mocha drinks = Doze away the day. #sweets
My undying love for #Cinnamon. Such a sinful plate argh! 😤😤
Post-hospital-checkup. 😷 Just right what I need for this feverish season #espresso #coffee
Spaghetti in a #bread. Yum 👌
Life in a little #flower.
My love for #coffee will never end. 😊
Coz these girls looooveee to eat. #maginhawafoodfest
#maginhawafoodfest plus photo bombers.
Well of course, everyone knows that you're a great dancer, How about a great singer eh? To my forever fave. Human Anatomy, Happy #Happy #Birthday! My college was fun coz you're part of it :* I know you'll forgive me for this 😂 Love you crazzy! 🙌😍 @vngbrl
Date with my workaholic motha.
Nitz and Fish Restau dates by Three. Yesterday's fine fine fine talk over #lunch & #dinner.
Fine #Men. Rare Catch.
And we had that talk again. #closure 🙌
Seems so Near, Yet Distant and Detached. #random
We're all a sucker for somebody.
#Sunrises beautifully.
Foodtrip this evening be like.. Crackers + Double Dutch! #icecream
Having crazy #friends like them.. Priceless! :)
Siblings with ze Father! Ohyeah.
Fine and Lady-like. But hey, think twice ;) #flashbackfriday
Persian kinda #food
Missin some crazy good times with these two :D #flashbackfriday
Hot Tea on a Cold Night.
Freshy kinda Dinner and Friends.
This Cheesy Mussel ;)
Coz sleepovers are always fun fun fun. Thank you Rital Family!! And oh, we badly miss the people that were missing here. You know who you guys are ;)
Hacker forever @gonnygongon
Hey youuu @gonnygongon Congratulations PTRP! :*
By @marvslawrence "Sleepover with super friends!!!"