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Kari Stevenson ♡
Meet my new kitty! Her name is Mei Mei and she only has one eye. 💖
I should be sleep .This staying up all night shit ain't healthy😤
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I hate working through the night because I can never ever fall asleep.
I cant wait to go visit Serbia and Bosnia next summer with @Russilian_ 😍❤️☺️
Country music, green tea and a good book. A great way to end a Monday night. 😌😊
Cause who I am with you You're so good for me And when I'm holdin you It feels like I've got the world in my hands
One week countdown begins now. 😊
Booked my flight for Ohio!
Plane tickets for my Ohio trip went up almost $100. Should've gotten them last week. 😒
Note to self: dont do anything stupid to get arrested bc cop cars are not comfy
Current sitting in the back of a cop car cause we can't find @karibou__ car
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when ur sad people call u emotional but when ur feelin urself they call u conceited, cry me a river bitch im me
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Girl scouts are kinda obnoxious.
I just need a break from everyone sometimes
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"I feel so bad for animals... They never get to eat this." -Kayla, 2015
One month until I'm on my way to Ohio to see @Keri___Brown 💖😊
I need people to talk to that stay up as late as I do
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Hey guys look what I bought
Florida is so beautiful. #originalphoto
I absolutely love living here. Perfect way to start the day. ☀️
Do whatever the fuck makes you happy, who cares what anyone thinks about you.
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Less than a week left until Graduation 🎓💖
being in love is like a socially accepted form of insanity
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You only text me when you want something from me
You still on Facebook nigga
You're the same old song.
I'm convinced that boys don't actually have feelings and everything they do is for personal gain
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I'm really sad and I don't know why. I just wanna be alone.
dont call her a hoe when 3 months ago you were crazy about her
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she hides all her problems behind a fake smile, you think you know her, but you really have no idea
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i'm that person who falls apart but tries to keep everyone else together
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[job interview] “Do you find that you get annoyed easily?” “That’s a stupid fucking question.”
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