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Kari Stevenson ♡
Funny I'm the one who is incompetent but I'm not moving back in with my parents so... 🐸🍵
My fucking luck dude.
Literally everyone is done with you and your attitude so if you could just shut the fuck up, that'd be cool.
I eat like I'm pregnant with octuplets.
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You got some fuckin nerve.
I'll cut you out without a second thought
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The TV in the other room keeps saying "moistest turkey" and its upsetting me more than it should.
short week, long list of foods to eat
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I think my slippers are on the wrong feet
I love her but I wanna kill her ok
My dumb dog broke the TV 😡😡😡
My eyes are so heavy I just wanna sleep
When you call to order in dinner the dining room people are so freakin rude.
My order still hasn't been shipped from Aerie.
Its freezing and I didn't wake up in my bed or next to my boyfriend. This does not make me happy.
There's really no reason for you to be acting like a bitch. Please dismiss yourself.
The fact that my coworker usually gets everyone gift cards for their bday and he went out of his way to do something special was really nice
How are people so pretty and I'm so me? Like ok.
Am I too old to be watching Toy Story rn? Nah.
Long phone calls with Rose make me very happy. 💘🌷
Put a coke can in the freezer this morning and totally forgot about it until just now.
Why do people cut pitbulls ears? They look so cute when they're floppy. #keepemfloppy
I have checked the status of my Aerie package 5 times today. I just realized its Sunday.
Why do I allow myself to get SO upset over small, stupid shit?
Trying to figure out what I should buy from Amazon and also Aerie. Decisions, decisions.
When you screenshot the wrong picture in a story....
How do I spend $50 at Amazon??
I would like to go home and cuddle with Nala and Devon right about now.
I hate the internet because now when I see thing pertaining to dogs I say "DOGGO" instead of puppy.
Literally made an entire can of peas bc I was craving peas. And no. I am not pregnant.
I wish I could RT my own tweets. 💁🏼
Obsessively stalking my online order until it arrives at home.
My birthday gift to myself was signing up for a credit card so I can spoil myself with Aerie products.
Its always time to go shopping for 7 for $27.50 undies at Aerie ☺
I need to get myself back into therapy and get back on my medicine because I'm tired of feeling so low like this.
There's a lizard in my room and I am terrified. Someone send help ASAP.
Happy birthday to me, from my lovely boyfriend. Meet Nala, the newest member of our family. 💘 #pittbullpuppy #happybirthdaytome
Nala and I are not on speaking terms this morning.
Flowers can't solve all problems but they're a great start
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I'm getting a puppy today!!!!
You ever have a dream that feels so real that you just wake up angry and pissed off? Bc same.

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