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Kari Stevenson ♡
is ur kid using drugs? look for these terms in their txt msgs: SMH: shooting major heroin WTF: we tripping friday? LOL: lets overdose later
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If the girl you like doesn't text you when she's drunk she don't like you
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Damn they got rid of 140 character limit in the DMs? Say no more.
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We're broken people.
Sometimes you need experience something to realize it's what you needed to close a chapter in your life.
Have you ever just watched someone as they do something so simple, like laugh, and it just makes you really happy?
nothing is better than when someone tells you how much something means to them and you can just see on their face how happy it makes them
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I love Across The Universe 🌎💕
to many girls are having babies by dudes that could give two fucks about them
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I always love whole heartedly.
I don't just give up on people. It takes a LOT to get rid of me. You can't scare me away that easily.
the one person I care about the most continuously hurts me the most
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Awesome 😊😊😊😊😊
Chest X-Ray today. And I'm at the doctors alone. Sweet.
Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Florida's weather
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This should be the official state tree of Florida
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And I also really miss my brown hair..
Going back to brown tomorrow because it's a lot easier to manage.
i need you to be kinda clingy because i'm paranoid and i begin to think you don't like me if you're not
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I've been awake for like 2 hours and still haven't gotten out of bed.
May have been stressed/sick most of the weekend but I'm happy. And that's something I haven't been in awhile. 😌
the first time you get to lay down in bed after a long day is an emotional experience
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It's so nice having my own money.💸
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fuck a friend, be about your business.
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my boyfriend can be a 10 to me & a 6 to you. but that's okay because he ain't for you 😊
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