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Kari Stevenson ♡
The landlord kinda just walked inside without knocking and now there's two random dudes in this house while I'm babysitting and it's weird.
"What do you wanna watch?" Nightmare before Christmas!!! Okay, you are the future of America, kid
Absolutely love these kids 💘
Just when I think I have an easy weekend coming up – NOPE. Hit with a 60 hour shift. Thx job.
Targret: noun; the regret you feel leaving Target after spending way too much money.
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I couldn't text back while taking my SAT so when she came over she retaliated by helping my mom with math.
A year ago today Katie was mad at me bc we were supposed to celebrate her birthday
I can't forget you I know you want me to want you I want to
Following in the footsteps of his mama 👣🍻
You ever see someone's name and instantly get pissed off? SAME
This bunny has more of a life than you do
I'm honestly so hurt, idk man..
Just go through the drive through a bunch of times 😅…S
Guess what I finally got!!! #GetKariABunny 🐰�uT
Newest edition to the family: Thumper 🐰💜
Or does that only make sense to me lmao
"If you're with who you want then you're lucky" Okay no? Shouldn't you only be with someone if you wanna be with them?????
People are so fucking confusing to me.
The candle light for Dre Deleon is at the plaza at Parker around 8. Everyone's welcome to come celebrate his life
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Tonight I will be the definition of white girl wasted and I can't wait
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why cheat? why put someone through that? now they can't trust anyone else or even give their heart to someone because you ruined that person
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Follow @ALGapparel and check out their BRAND new hoodies, now available for preorder! 😍💜
Do not leave children unattended
So if you with me then you with me. None of that petty bullshit
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My coworker is so full of shit 😂😂😂
My newsfeed is literally all car stuff right now and I'm really upset because I can't go to cars and coffee today 😔😢
Actually hate @joshsweatshirt2 for making me think there were really new emojis 😒
Missing cars and coffee tomorrow :(
The weather is honestly so perfect 🍂
@karibou__ you'll be able to real soon lovely lady 😊😊😊😊
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Sometimes I just look at Devon and I get super happy and smile like an idiot. I'm so blessed. 💜👫
If you cant be an adult and talk about a problem you have with me and you just dodge me every time I ask, maybe we just shouldnt be friends.
I'm so tired I feel like I'm gonna fall over and that doesn't make an ounce of sense cause I slept more than 12 hours
It's almost 6pm and I still haven't fully woken up or done anything else I was supposed to do today.
I am so TIRED of the people who are fucking stuck in high school and won't talk about their fucking problems. Jesus Christ.

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