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Kari Stevenson ♡
Got a call back from Nordstrom just for them to tell me that they'll call me back next week.
5 more days until school starts back 😭
Finally talked to everyone in my family about it and everyone is super supportive ☺️
My plan is to be living in Pennsylvania by the middle of next summer ☀️
Why is it so hot? 😭😭
Summer is going by way too fast 3 weeks until school starts back I am not ready 😭🙅
I kinda miss a lot of the people I used to be friends with. 😕
They'll come easy and they'll go easy✌️
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Bucket hats are super ugly Why are they becoming a thing again No
3 weeks left to do all my summer reading but all I really wanna do is enjoy the rest of my summer
Why would you fight the crowds to get a free slurpee when you could pay like 99¢ to get one 5x the size and not deal with people?
being tanned makes me like 10x happier idek why
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Fishing with my dad on Father's Day ☀️
My mom has still yet to tell me I can go to New York. We're supposed to be leaving Thursday 😒
Spending the day in Savannah with my sister 💕
I love my new job so much.
I love my new job so much, ohmygod, EXPRESS YOUR INNER PIZZA <3 :D
Express your inner pizza
Got the job at Your Pie! Mmmm pizza :)
Newest member of Your Pie Southside staff ✌️
Hi guys, school is stupid and boring
Interview today after school 🙆
My face when people talk to me
My phone's majorly messing up now because of the messed up screen. UGHhhhHh.
I see the way you look at her the way you used to look at me
Finding a job in Jacksonville is literally so difficult. 😩
I've tweeted more the past hour than the past few months.
Now what do I do with my life? ._.