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Karen Gillan
Thanks for watching! Gonna go through all the #Selfiesselfie 's and choose a winner! Announced tomorrow morning with video as promised! X
@KarenGillan2 my kids and I entertaining ourselves while waiting for 4th of July
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@KarenGillan2 #Selfiesselfie with a pumpkin on my head, a sparkly fedora, whilst holding an Enderman. Creative?
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@KarenGillan2 me taking a selfie with the bus poster in front. Inception: a selfie inside of a selfie for #SelfieABC.
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West Coast, listen up! The East Coast delivered some amazing selfies! Your turn to show what you're made of! #Selfiesselfie #SelfieABC
West Coast! Let me at your selfies. Most creative one gets a video from me! Turn on ABC, #SelfieABC starts in 5 mins! #Selfiesselfie
Thanks for watching East Coast. West Coast you're next! #SelfieABC
Tonight's @SelfieABC. Kevin's room. It's better than a crack in his wall though, right?
Guys these selfie's are incredible!!!! So many! The weirder the better!!! #Selfiesselfie
Who spotted an enemy in Kevin's bedroom? #SelfieABC
Remember to use the #Selfiesselfie hash tag to be in with a chance of winning! X
Send me a selfie of you watching @SelfieABC right now and the winner gets a weird video from me. #Selfiesselfie
Here's mine! Lets see yours! East coast! Turn on ABC right now! #Selfiesselfie
Yay! I'm guest starring on #SelfieABC tonight.... on my birthday! How cool is that?! 😝
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Great selfie's coming in already, but competition doesn't start till 8pm when the episode aires! So hold them till then! #Selfiesselfie
I will make a video of an improvised song based on your selfie. Join in on #Selfiesselfie winner will be chosen at the end of west coast ep!
Hey! You have a date with me tonight on ABC 8pm! Watch #SelfieABC and send a selfie of you watching. Most creative one wins a video from me!
Nominate @KarenGillan2 as a write in for #PeoplesChoice for FAVORITE COMEDIC TV ACTRESS / FAVORITE ACTRESS IN A NEW TV SERIES!
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@KarenGillan2 we made a Selfie fanclub here at the end of the world! We are loving the show so much! We can't stop quoting Eliza!! Hahaha❤
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OMG! I just found out @KarenGillan2 is coming to #RenoComicCon next month!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Beyond excited!!!! @WizardWorld
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Birdman was an exceptional special film
you Q and i will A, during 2night's #SelfieABC written by me directed by @AlexHardcastle1 & with @DaRealAmberRose & @isaiahmustafa guesting
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I will improvise a song for the winner in a video and post it online. Get your duck faces at the ready! ABC 8pm #SelfieABC
Competition time! East Coast and West Coast! Send in a selfie of you watching #SelfieABC tonight and the most creative one wins! Tonight 8pm
Fancy a wee chuckle? Watch Eliza trying to put a child to bed #SelfieABC Tune in tomorrow night 8pm! x
UK gang, OCULUS is out of DVD today! Buy it and freak someone out. Or freak yourself out. Either works. #seeyourevil
OK gang. Who can spot a special dance move at the start? Clue; intoxicated animal. #SelfieABC tomorrow at 8!…
Clip for tomorrow's new episode of @SelfieABC wigs chats and dancing to TLC.…
Woah Gone Girl was thrilling
.@FOXSportsLive U r right. our rom-com can’t match will-they-or-won’t-they tension between @Buck and Tom Verducci.
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Saying "there's definitely something going round" when someone says they're ill, even if nobody else you know is ill
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West Coast! SELFIE starts at 8pm on ABC! In 9 mins! Here is Eliza showing off her best moves #limbseverywhere
60% of your brain is fat. (Via Weird Things to Know - @Know)
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Check out Karen's Killer Cover of Chandelier 4 an upcoming episode of @SelfieABC !…
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On your marks, get your DVR set and GO! #SelfieABC is on tonight ABC 8pm!