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Karen Geier
@karengeier Deco gives away their labels for free, right? #topoli
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plotting making a massive pot of pozole this weekend
Teens, be empowered to make your own sexual decisions “@Slate: Parents, get your teenage daughters the IUD:
why isn't there a sleep machine with the sounds of a whipper snipper from outside your window?
Hi Toronto. A reminder: -shit costs money -Toronto needs a lot of shit -The land transfer tax is an important revenue tool #topoli
I wasn't a believer in medicinal margs until last night.
.@WendyDavisTexas leads @GregAbbott_TX among Hispanics 62-26, sez new @TexasLyceum poll. Abbott ahead with white voters 62-27.
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Doug Ford speaking today about plans to deprive the city of much needed revenue #TOpoli
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Hi. The nationality of the Ebola patient is immaterial. Stop making this a golden opportunity for racism to propagate.
Wouldn't it be awesome if people boycotted Walmart finally because of Tracy Morgan?
Those docs will be released on Soknacki's website Friday #TOPoli
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Remember the freedom of information requests David Soknacki made & the docs he said proved Rob Ford was using mayor's office to campaign?
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Academy award winner Ben Affleck
Someone on the ttc has the whistling part from moves like jagger as their ringtone. #bless
.@DrOz why do I laugh so hard sending dumb photos to joe biden?
well, 83 is a lot of grandmas. Stands to reason at least one of them is a bitch
shit warmingtoned over
Please welcome the return of Affirmation Nation with @bobducca!!!…
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"the mayor looks off his tits in those accident scene selfies" -something no person should ever have to say #topoli
the blackberry passport answers a question about the size of pockets on old white man suit pants I didn't know needed to be asked.
"it's been seven hours and fifteen days" 🎶
.@DrOz can you get ebola from hugging a globe?
christ, man. You've gotta pace yourself
The dog's catchphrase is "no... Poopoo"
TLC pitch: I dress in duck dynasty drag for a show with my dog called,"that dog is a dang dingleberry"
I'm legitimately impressed by 40-something skateboarders because they must have amazing insurance.
Someday I expect TPS to show up at my place because my dog sounds like a pig when he reverse sneezes
scorecard: Marijuana: 18 Gold medals Alcohol: 2 DUIs, apologizing on twitter the choice is clear
FX Renews 'You're the Worst' and 'Married,' moves 'You're the Worst' to FXX…
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Doug Ford watches the West Wing?
somebody watched the battered bastards of baseball and now i'll never get netflix back where i like it
I wonder if residents of Louisville know what a place they hold in Apple owners' hearts
.@katienotopoulos will we ever recapture Shingy fever?