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Karen Geier
I know I missed #tbt with this but last year this dude did a breaking bad halloween display:
hey, twitter: are we having fun yet?
The polls according to Doug: -Rich ex-friend: 25% -Lady who fell asleep at her machine: 15% -My wife's rabbi: 5% Me: 88% #topoli
Can I still vote for Mountain Dew Code Red?
*uses Ouija board* NEW PHONE WHO DIS
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simpering cowards “@robyndoolittle: During the attack, MPs fashioned spears while Prime Minister hid in closet -…
Preventative detention is a fancy word for treating your citizens like criminals. I'm sure it will never get misused like Revcan #cdnpoli
Canada: we view the police as untouchable on budgets & health care as a cost centre instead of a necessary evil and investment respectively
remember when jean chretien tried to keep canada out of wars and at a low level of militarization? Remember how we used to be humanitarians?
Remember when an intruder broke in to 24 Sussex to assassinate then PM Jean Chretien? I don't remember him being called a terrorist #cdnpoli
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ok SAL can call all palestinians jihadists, and Ezra can slur Roma people all day long, but ask Anderson Cooper for a selfie & you're fired
Wow. How did Mitt Romney know about this so far in advance? “@ajam: Mali confirms first case of Ebola
it should freak you out how "untouchable" hazel is according to the media and other politicians. #topoli
noted multiple conflict of interest haver Hazel McCallion endorses known future conflict of interest haver john tory. no surprise #topoli
I'm guessing Yannick has reached the "damn, I wish I were smarter" portion of the morning.
.@yannick_bisson so, explain "due process" and explain why PRs are "scary" to you as it pertains to their vote.
.@yannick_bisson that is the dictionary definition of xenophobia. The comparison was apt.
.@yannick_bisson you see, when you colour people with "scary" as a result of being allowed a basic right, despite being from somewhere else
.@yannick_bisson similarly, explain why the people who make up our complete pop growth, many who have been here 10+years are "scary"
@karengeier not talking about exclusion here but due process. But thanks for shedding light on my character
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1 event. 2 wildly different conclusions
CRA audits for opposing views. Enemies Lists. Muzzling scientists. Avoiding journalists. No #MMIW investigation. Who's the terrorist??
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can't wait for the smash hit musical about the NYC ebola doctor
.@Awetitu @yannick_bisson don't worry it's been saved, and sent to shaftesbury and the cbc.
.@yannick_bisson you should keep your xenophobic trash thoughts to yourself since you work for a public broadcaster funded by non citizens
@karengeier @notunique82 no one paid attention as our government passes it's controversial surveillance bill:…
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Turns out, the mystery Murdoch was trying to solve was "WHY AM I SUCH A XENOPHOBIC CUNTRAG?"
.@ShaftesburyTV is this reflective of your company's values?…
your taxes pay for his show“@yannick_bisson: Beware of candidates willing and looking to give the vote to non citizens y'all #TOpoli #scary
WEIRD RT @BritishMonarchy Stephen fry is a bloody chav, innit?
weird RT @BritishMonarchy no, Rebekah Brooks is actually good.
weird RT @BritishMonarchy LOL Already got your money bro!
Can't wait until the queen launches a kickstarter to crowd fund her overages from her privy purse shortfalls
hope you enjoy the surveillance act that will undoubtedly be passed with your part in inciting hysteria. Hope it was worth it for pageviews
big fuck you to the Canadian news media for taking a leaf out of the american news factory play books with glurge and gory details.
enacting preventative social policies to help at risk people who beg to be sent to jail for addiction treatment. Vote those fuckers out
safe to say when Harper says "we will not be intimidated" while touting a surveillance state, he means he will not be intimidated into ½
I wish more people could be as mature as we all seem to be regarding the name Alan Tudyk