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Karen Achtober Geier
Woman votes with potato bag on her head in Quebec City's Cap-Rouge neighbourhood. #elxn42
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Canadians dressing up in costumes and obscuring their faces to protest the asinine niqab BS: That's my canada.
I would refuse to sleep with someone if they didn't like #GBBO. I wouldn't even pause
I mixed beer, weed and extra slice 😢
this is like the modern day Bloody Mary game “@BuzzFeedFood: Pumpkin Spice Latte Pizza ”
cream cheese icing is the king of icing #GBBO
I'm tearing up at Nadiya winning again
@MusingsFrom_TO @karengeier At my mom's house watching HHI right this very moment 💖
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I really don't want to brag, but when I'm older I am going to inherit so many chip clips…
EXTRA SLICE TIME #GBBO I may crap or cry. Only time will tell
How old is my mom? She's "tv tuned to House Hunters International 70% of the time" years old
it sounds like a restaurant in a train station BALLOTS A place for polling
only in this election did elections canada switch from polling station to the dumb as shit sounding "polling place"
the see me rollin' they hatin' they vape
I am actually extremely offended by this t shirt thx
GUYS. It's Dragon. I am not lying or unsure thanks “@lkoch99: @karengeier @cjohnson319 Not Dragan like some Balkan dudes?”
also, my cousin is married to a man named Dragon and my grandmother LOVES TO TALK ABOUT HIM LIKE HE HUNG THE MOON
I kind of love that my grandmother is in the "fuck off and listen to my hot takes" part of her life
Now my grandmother is sounding off on how stupid she thinks time shares are.
When u think ur getting pie but then u don't
Just explained what Libertarianism is to my 93 year old German grandmother and she said, "oh, that sounds stupid"
Let's go blue jays I love sports
i wish the theme song for the affair would go ahead and commit suicide already
what does the #GBBO look like around the world?…
This rundown of a novice cooking #GBBO bakes is great…
this frame from #drunkhistory is everything
it would appear so.“@Barry_Tyree: @karengeier Hans must be NattyBoh's European cousin @BohInBaltimore
File photo of Hans. He's literally spherical
Am I Tante Frida? Am I going to marry a fat man named Hans?
That photo of Bacon Tree is hilarious because they look pretty tough for guys singing about dreams
Shit. The Queen jam session is over and now they're playing Bacon Tree

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