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Karen Geier
@thrashRadical: @karengeier @Jezebel Do you have any celebrity crushes that you would confess to?”
why is chris rock's twitter account just shit your aunt shares in emails starting FW:FW:FW:FW:
unfriending people who brag about visiting the UAE
the hottest take on this “@PTCruiserUSA: BYE GOING GOOGLE +”
not with a stolen pussy “@Jezebel: Would you have sex with Mark Cuban?
Maury, come back… any kind of fool can see… Twitter was wrong and we just can't live without you
kickstarter to debark david beckham
who would make a better president?? RT for pikachu wearing a strap on, fav for Donald trump
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I would be down. He's the only person on the Today show who was ever worth a shit…
Amazing #TV fact: the "B.A." In "B.A. Baracus stood for "butt ass"
Where are all the Wizards. I will issue sick burns to them
Triwizard Burnament
I know Maury compson, and you sir are no Maury compson
Becel is Not butter
Watching another human select a parking space is rage inducing
If I had a time machine, day 1 would be kill hitler and day 2 would be aborting conservative talk superstars.
because hey, 2 news stories, and because maybe that will put a stop to it
I don't normally condone stuff like this, but maybe let's arm female broadcasters to end #FHRITP
Sleep Doula to the Stars
Jade? on MY HELM?
Frack my hippogriff
Today @pajiba ran a piece about white male privilege… and relationships and movies and it's really really good.
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.@DrOz my dog's boner touched the ground and then an ant walked on it
RIP Google Plus. I can't believe you outlived @MauryCompson
hey @JohnTory: "athlete's villages" are just "affordable housing" and you can build them any time without the IOC
Toronto: taking sloppy seconds from America to "prove" we're world class instead of just doing something for constituents our strength
.@DavidHains and hey, we just paid off Montreal 3 years ago! What could possibly go wrong?
Wow this news is depressing. How can we jazz it up a little? -future unemployed intern…
Someone pay for me to attend & report on Bridgetown Comedy Fest & Riot LA. #THANKS
Who can I mail #dogpoop to to stop the #Olympics coming to Toronto. Home addresses please.
@michellemalkin michelle i donated to planned parenthood in your name thanks for all youve done for women
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Missed And Unbelievably Raunchy You
@karengeier i sell electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories
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Dear NYPD. See something, say something? Your security certificate isn't trusted, and you're still on Windows XP.
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When I think of being in a canoe in the wonder of nature, there had better be some chips endorsed by Mark Messier
Today is Homer saying "this things I believe"
Oh hey, check this out. @torontoist is hosting a subscriber drive, to boost pay rates for local journalism…
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There are officially no more heroes.…
,@JoelGord some 81 year old is going to get their hip shot off for eating werther's too loudly
how'm i gonna sneak my costco bag of cool ranch doritos AND A GUN into the movies? EFF OFF
knowing rick perry, he'd be seeing the mommy movie of minions at the AMC off mopac

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