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Karen Geier
.@DrOz was my artificial hip recalled?
There's Professor Brian Cox slash fiction, isn't there?
oh bless. my mother just asked me whether you could record on demand TV.
I'm guessing at some point during the debate tonight, Doug's going to pull out some heavy handed "safety state" pandering which will fail
CNN called Canada's immigration laws weak in light of the shooting in Ottawa a Canadian who was born in Canada.
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interesting to note the CBC getting major plaudits from international news, despite some vocal shitiots at home being unsupportive of it
ok let's see what else is in the news. Well, fuck this. I'm vaping.
just chased the dog through some leaves to enjoy the sun and shake off this shitheap of a day
is it that this take is too hot? “@micnews: There’s already a big problem with Apple Pay
ROFL. RT @karengeier hey all my friends who immigrated to Canada: Do you think Canada's immigration policies are "lax?" Esp. my POC friends?
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I'm feeling peer pressure to watch How to Get Away With Murder (which I originally thought was some true crime documentary series)
hey all my friends who immigrated to Canada: Do you think Canada's immigration policies are "lax?" Esp. my POC friends?
'Canadian-born of Algerian descent'. white suspects never traced back to Europe. terrorism constructed as racial import #OttawaShooting
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Smug Bitch Has Already Finished All of Her Holiday Shopping:
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Butt cuss the news
it's not enough to say "this isn't canada." This is what 7+ years of conservatism has wrought. We can change that.
we as a society need to stop placing high value on morosity like this:…
Have barely kept up on Twitter. But I just remembered, now is when the new CSIS anti-terror powers bill was to be introduced.
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I don't care what any non-Ottawa mayors have to say, thx #OttawaShooting
Canada is not innocent and never has been. We have a complicated past that includes things we cannot be proud of.
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don't make me cold cock you (whipping a bag of crushed ice at your penis)
Re. the enhanced security measures in Toronto: Okay, but remember when they evacuated the CN Tower on 9/11? Let's not be idiots.
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some background on the white house comment for noted kyles:…
I get the sense that Kyle idiot really likes negative attention from women
I'm sorry that @KylePKJP is so fucking stupid as to misconstrue the comment about the white house, but hey, idiots abound
Happy Diwali btw
changing my costume idea to sexy terrible cnn news coverage
hey CNN: Canadians did burn down the White House. Not so innocent.
Voice of reason “@the_ironsheik: CANADA WHAT THE FUCK YOU SUPPOSE TO BE NICE PEOPLE #OttawaShooting
Oh for sure man. Especially when you eviscerate women for being fat…
This MF looks shady
Shout out to Carlos Santana and rob Thomas who are helping this bed, bath, and beyond cope this afternoon
Maybe if you add in data from kijiji, the soldier was killed
The "Canada has lost its innocence" stories need to stop. If Canada was ever innocent about terrorism, it went away 5 October 1970.
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Also Jason Kenney isn't an authority on anything
Hi cnn isn't news.
I'm waiting for CNN to put up a map graphic which accidentally places Ottawa somewhere in Mexico.
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I'm having autocorrect issues
Seriously. Don't lie this situation get leveraged so you have to give up more freedoms #cdnpoli
Ok, everybody ready? OVER-REACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MartialLaw! #WarMeasures!
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Dear #tomedia you should fight the urge to make hot takes about Ottawa as it pertains to the election here. Thx in advance #topoli
and finally, remember the time Steve Guttenberg fell in love with @casanovafranken?