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Karen Geier
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#BettyADay 81/365 "Yeti White" from my daily Betty White art project
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NEW Adventure Time, JAKE THE BRICK, written/storyboarded by @kentisawesome Tonight @ 7/6c…
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what you call a "breach," many would call a "surprising leak of personal information about critics of the PM"…
As the Rehtaeh Parsons review begins - the govt dept that can lift the ban but won't is the very dept protected by it being kept in place.
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dummies. that's supposed to be a chicken, not a turkey
gordon ramsay dealing with kids is pretty great
you don't need to express your wacky personality through your SSID
sending some sweet DMs to my best friends
a summary of Facebook racist apologia on #ferguson
who owns the Lenny Kravitz scarf twitter account? I want to #monetize their #brand
Ferguson PD are now basically Ned Flanders' parents: they've tried nothing, and they're all out of ideas
tearing up at the protest photos. Keep fighting the good fight, everyone.
everything about this spam is amazing
Please make this the most retweeted tweet tonight. Thanks.
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if the questions are about the locations of @ARLISSFAN or @ANDREWTI I cannot confirm them.
Just to sum up: Conservatives tell black America to shut up and accept Ferguson decision. And begin 9th investigation into Benghazi.
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attn twitter: I had stout. Professor Karen is now holding office hours
the best ex husbands are work ex husbands ❤️❤️❤️ 🇩🇪🐛🐣🐸🎸🔥🍆
#wecanthangif you don't understand the queen that is blu cantrell
Good thing the food is good here because the service at the host desk is terrible
Don't dress for your car or the train, girls. Rookie mistake
You can always tell the 905crew girls because they are complaining about the weather downtown while wearing a crepe de chine coat and heels
Everyone make a glans acrostic and give it to your grandmother at thanksgiving. #glans4grans RT TO RAISE AWARENESS
I'm bringing back jyeah
.@Mobute Gentle Loving Always Never Stabby
Serial episode guide: Ep. 1: 😧 Ep. 2: 💔 Ep. 3: 😕 Ep. 4: 😨 Ep. 5: 📱 Ep. 6: 👮 Ep. 7: 😖 Ep. 8: 😠 Ep. 9: 😕
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@karengeier Grandmaster Lund's Amorous Nether Sensation!
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guys: you have to pay your hosting bills. If you don't pay, there's no blog for me to help you with
hello I am canadian. My autocorrect in pages turned "killer" into "Giller"
spent my morning discussing deli and the funniest anatomical nomenclature with @Mobute. Would recommend
if everyone who posted to #ShutTheFuckUpDonaldTrump just blocked him or reported him for spam at the same time, he'd be in twitter jail
this is the first time I've been invited to a "3 o'clock high" situation, however. What a complete fucking toss pot
I'll still never get over the fact dudes will demand a debate from a woman despite their feed being trash and them being anonymous
If anyone is 6 foot 4 or above and a couple bills, feel free to meet up with that random idiot at the bay/adelaide centre and talk to a duck
some fucking dudes DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE WORD NO. Some of them work at the Bay/Adelaide Centre
there's one especially smelly turd in every sewer. I guess today it's that last rando
.@MOAB1972 I don't owe an anonymous bag of dicks my time or attention. I don't owe you "my side" of an argument you're too dumb for
.@MOAB1972 i'm pretty sure I can do whatever I want including dismiss you a second time without engaging. Bye now.