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This 140 character limit can't stop me from sayin what needa be said.
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99.9% of my sentences start with oh my god yeah no basically wait so yeah like you know oh um what well but
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ctfu i just spelled it all out
Twitter is the bomb dot com
Sibeto always has food for us
I personally think sharing your dreams with someone is such a high level of intimacy 👫💎💍💕💯
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I'm craving cream cheese so bad
I wanna go to prom but #uglyprobs 😩😂
look what came on the iTunes Radio children's Christmas station😍
I just want food. is that too much to ask for?
I love Christmas music 😍🎶🎅🎄
i lowkey still want you
I just want food omg
@justinspearl: SELENA'S PERFORMANCE GOT EVERYONE LIKE” more like the guy in the back
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I'm so excited for Thanksgiving bc food & Christmas bc cookies
I love Sibeto so much omfg
I seriously don't even care anymore. I try to be nice and I get walked all over for it.
@Devastation: Why is "thot" and "turnt" well understood but y'all still don't know the difference between your and you're?”
seriously wish I had friends to text 😳😩
I just have a feeling Briella isn't going to sleep good tonight 😩
If I'm with you, I'm with you and nobody else
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#5YearsOfMyWorld 5 years since the my world album. We have come a long way and have a long way to go. Thanks 4 always sticking by me. Love u
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breathing hard, steaming up the glass 😏
I truly can't stand some people
Shawn mendes the type of guy to say this while looking at a freshly baked muffin
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I'm so unlucky 😩✋
The "I'm not like the other guys" "you're the only one" "you won't find anyone better than me" starter pack
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determined to get uggs for Christmas 👌
#FreeLauren x2 because I missed it yesterday 😂😂@LaurenEmily24545
how could you tell someone you care about them and want to be with them & then cut them off like they were nothing? 😩
I keep watching the AHS episodes w. Wes Bentley because he's bae 😍😩
can't stand ppl who argue with me about dumb stuff
When u delete someone’s number then they text u and u don’t want to ask who it is
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Don't take life too serious. Try and laugh everyday it's good for you
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Sibeto always has candy 👏😂