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Madden 25 sucks fucking ass everyone drops everything and i mean fucking everything
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@eGoTheIcoN Give Yoshi his $35 before he tells you his mom is dying of cancer and they are $35 short from being able to afford kemo
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To burn off a Big Mac combo meal from McDonald's, you'd have to walk for 6 hours straight.
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Can't wait to get home tomorrow and get on that CoD/Minecraft grind with the new squad!
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whos good with internet and routers and stuff whoever helps me gets gfx rt please i need help now seriously rt this for me please
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Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (Official Video Parody): via @YouTube
Do Gay people walk straight?
@FeaRSplish: Fear for life !!!!” HOLD THE FUCK UP MY NIGGA IS BRANDED
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Hitler reacts to Kendricks Verse: via @YouTube
RT if you want me to stream the EL Classico Tourney!!!
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First Ghost class -Ump -Stopper -Agility -Blast sheild -Fully loaded Nade & some 9 bangs TheGOAT Class
Brittany aT is no longer in aT. She was caught boosting with Careless v. Thank you!! @OMGItsBirdman @Allusion_aT @Ratchet_aT retweet?
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All the Victims need to Response on the same song like 1 Train
Every night after closing time, Disneyland releases over 200 feral cats to roam the park and keep the rodent population under control.
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School is shit
I guessing @WavYzZ did some clutch shit i turned off the stream.
Kendrick Lamar got "NIGGAS" heated...