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Kaley Cuoco Sweeting
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United States, Taiwan, Mexico, Belarus all say Canada’s seal products too cruel for them. BANNED!
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“:)! @AuthorsAnonFilm is now in theaters! Check listings here: ( or watch now @iTunesMovies!
@normakaydangelo @KaleyCuoco your donation helps us document the hunt so we can raise awareness and put pressure on the government to end it
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@TomHamill4 @KaleyCuoco we're talking about the commercial #sealhunt here, which is done for fur.
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#saveseals let's keep the conversation going w this hashtag! I wanna hear ur opinions and applaud you for donating!
@Real_stresd @KaleyCuoco we need to keep observing the #sealhunt so we can continue to put pressure on the government to end it.
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#savetheseals donate here & 100% will go to saving these incredible seals…
@raeraegck: @KaleyCuoco Feel free 2 check your facts. #CanadianNorth #sealhuntforsurvival”u think that hashtag is gonna catch on, ur crazy
@KimberlyJean90: @KaleyCuoco @HumaneSociety know your facts! Not all are killed in a inhumane way. getting #annoying” feel free to unfollow
If you want to help end the horrific "tradition" that is the seal hunt, please donate to @HumaneSociety asap
@meowdiculous: @KaleyCuoco I am a big fan, but take time to research the sealhunt. the media reports is inaccurate.” PICTURES DONT LIE
W that being said, I've seen some lovely comments as well, people who r just as disgusted as Iam. #endsealhunting
Wow. Interesting tweets I've seen regarding the Canadian seal hunt. And people calling me ignorant? If only I could say what I truly wanted
@KaleyCuoco 400,000 seals will be killed this year in Canada! Please, share the petition against such slaughtering:
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I'm disgusted hearing the Canadian seal hunt is "humane". It's so "humane" I'm unable 2 post any pics it's so grotesque. My heart breaks
@FriendsForSeals: #sealhunt video” this is SO disgusting and needs to stop NOW please!
Last night w my buddy buddy @iamchrisklein asking me if my fly was down .. Yup! #AuthorsAnonymousPremeire
@Cosmopolitan: @KaleyCuoco Absolutely DEAD for these shorts! 😍 Where did you get them?!…z”@toryburchh !!
What better way to relax after a workout with this pup and @KaleyCuoco's amazing cover on @Cosmopolitan!!
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