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K α ℓ α B e α r ♥
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Getting my lip pierced Saturday. (:
That depressing moment when you realize that like every family member forgot it was your birthday... -______-
Being alone on your birthday because everyone has to work late tonight <<<< #SadDays
"I'm going to put you guys in my spank book, you can call it your dream journal, but I call it the flap trap. #FlapTrap" -Reel Big Fish
Had a freakin' amazing day at Warped Tour. Got hugged by Jonathon and saw Kellin Quinn in person. Life = made. <3 #VansWarpedTour
Getting hugged by Jonathon from FTSK >>>> <3 #VansWarpedTour
So ready for tomorrow! Happy early birthday to me. (; #VansWarpedTour
Dyed my hair red and I gotta say I love it. (:
Had a awesome time last night rollerblading and getting lost in the woods. >.<
If she's comfortable around u: she'll tackle you, sing to u, be weird around u, dance for you, scream at you. take ur food, be mean to you.
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Wow. My hair is red, white, and orange.. o.o Kinda like the way it looks..
Bleaching my haaaiirr. (:
why can't I have a hot neighbor who ends up falling in love with me and we sneak out together and meet up in front of our yards
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Can't wait until tomorrow, my step mom and I are going to get our dimples pierced. (:
Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live the longest.
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Just got back from the beach and man am I taaaan. (;
Getting made fun for the way you say ostrich. <<<
I'm like in love with Christopher Drew. (: #NeverShoutNever
I'm sore from working out, but it's so going to be worth it. (:
How do I look Asian?! o.o
#DontWakeMeUpUnless you have food or you're Channing Tatum.
So we can wear Nike shorts tomorrow right?
On our way to Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid. ;p @Ashley__Raeann
Did you guys do that essay for Mrs. Sanders? @Kaitlain_Bell @Stevie_Nicolee
Me: "You're so stupid." Zak: "Your mom is stupid for not getting that abortion.." Oh what a great boyfriend I have. -__-
When your mom has more of a social life then you do..<<<
"What's the point of being in love? What's the point of being with someone you can't have? I know exactly how this will end." - FTSK
When a really cute guy tells you that you're cute. >>>> day made. (:
RETWEET and see what happens! ██████████████████████████████​ ██████████████████████████████​ ██████████████████████████████ #MindBlowing
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When a girl is acting like she doesn't care about you anymore, that's when she needs you the most.
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Hopefully going to his house to watch movies this weekend. (:
Debating whether or not I should go to his house to watch movies..
I hate texting you first, I always feel like I'm annoying you..
Selfie from yesterday c: #Selfie #hellokitty #awkwardsmile #pretty #doubletap #instanation #instadaily #instagramers #igers #cute #webstagram #tagforlikes #likeforlikes #newyork #model #iwish #follow4follow #f4f #followme #50likes #girl #teen #potd
She's being really nice, I think she did something to the ice-cream.. @Kaitlain_Bell
If my hair could grow 6 or 7 inches overnight that would be great.
Wow... thanks for making me feel like shit. -__-