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all girls really want is a guy that makes her feel like she's the best thing that has ever happened to him
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Just remember, I cared when no one else did.
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All I can do is think about you right now. 🙊🙈
do u ever just want to be held so fucking tight by someone who actually thinks you're worth something
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I'm sorry I have trust issues, but when you give someone everything and they toss it away like nothing, something inside of you breaks.
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November 1st can't come fast enough 💜
Yeah think I'm gonna start tomorrow. 😈
Seriously thinking about making a YouTube channel.. 😏
Man I need to get in shape..
Biggest waste of my time! 😔
Zip lining through the alligators 🐊 #florida #gatorland #zipline
Flooooorida here I come 😍🌴🌸🐊
No matter what I do I'm never good enough in your eyes.. 😔
Really can't wait for my family vacation plus @kalaaa_bryann in July! Gonna be fun!
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I hate coming over, you're always on your phone or laptop. What's the point of even having me come over?!
I feel like I'm going insane. 😫
I hate this whole "talking" thing, it's either we're dating or we're not.
I could go for a tipsy tailgate kiss, baby taste the moonshinin' off of your lips, I want to see that want ya smile, still got me hooked been hooked for awhile. 💋💜
Too late, I'm sure and lonely Another night, another dream wasted on you Just be here now against me You know the words, so sing along for me, baby 💜
I want to be the girl you fall in love with day after day. 💕
One of my favorites by @dakotalewis14 #modelstatus #photography
Photo credit goes to @dakotalewis14 #photography
I want to wish my bestest friend @dakotalewis14 a happy birthday! I don't know what I would do without a great friend like you. You're always there for me when I need you. Love you Kota. And happy birthday, hope it's amazing! 😍😊😊😀☺️
Can't wait for the Rangers game this weekend with @kalaaa_bryann @BeasleyKayla and her boyfriend!
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I could be your perfect disaster, you could be my ever after 💙💜
I love you I hate you I can't get around you I breathe you I taste you I can't live without you 💜💕 #always #saliva #music
You know Leon is home when the house smells like smoke. 😒🔫
Gaaah I kinda miss my blue hair..and Colorado. 😔💙 #bluehair #missit #summer14
You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye And I got that red lip classic thing that you like And when we go crashing down, we come back every time. 'Cause we never go out of style. 💜

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