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Kat Bocchino♛
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i hate everything about myself because of you people
im just so fucking stupid.
I'll never understand why it's so hard for two people to be together
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@MaddieCirillo: @katttx0x smile pretty girl😋💞”you first 💗😊
worst fucking mood i just wanna go home and lay in my bed all day.
@Victoria_Coppa: @katttx0x love you beautiful” 😋😋💗
@Victoria_Coppa: @katttx0x you're my favorite person ever”fucking love youuuu😎😘
if my mom was still here she would put a glock 9 to your head real quick, but its ightttt cause you'll get your karma very soon😏😈
none of you fucking know me, and the people that do know me have nothing bad to say so all of you can fuck off
pretty sure i never hurt anyone personally that i deserve this type of fucking treatment. fuck all of you, deadass.
if theres one person i'd wish death upon its you, without a doubt.
talking shit to girls doesnt make you tough, makes a coward. On some disrespectful shit you can rot in hell @king_riaz24
smoking weed makes me forget shit so easily 😒
so likeeeeeee can i go home yet
so mad i forgot my watch at home
@niyxrelle: Awkward moment when niggas still don't realize you will never want them 💀”
whats with all these blackfriday pages following me on instagram lol
try so hard to prove myself all for nothing.
i thought you had faith in us... i guess i thought wrong
Call me old fashioned but never in my life will I make a financial transaction through snapchat
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thank god i left school
@awkwardposts: who else did this when you got a mosquito bite” someone please tell me what this is lol
why did i even come to school
that tweet really made me think mr.kutchen died and i got really sad for a second
legends never die. rt if you will miss this beautiful soul
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omg no mr.kutchen
just died alittle inside omg😍😍😍�
mad i forgot my coffee in my car and i havent even taken a fucking sip of it yet😒
its funny when people THINK they know your sex life and who you've been intimate with in the past more than you do lol like fuck off
Special happy birthday to my main nigga @mickeymouse 💁🐁
just so in love with you
just saw the langos fam at the mall😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
cute girls get smoked out, ugly hoes gotta smoke me out
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this shit is crazy my niggga
this might be a lil too descriptive for twitter but this teacher smells like a fishstick & im going to fucking vomit rn
Distance isn't for the fearful, it's for the bold. It's for those willing to spend alot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those who know a good thing when they see it.. even if they dont see it nearly enough. 💗 I love you @djcrain & you're worth every sing
couldnt be happier, happy one year baby boy😍🙈
Thank you babe 😍😍😍 @djcrain #MK 💁