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if you can go days without talking to me im clearly not important to you lol
buy me anything i want & we ain't even sexual,so how you bust it open & get nothinnn, betta learn ya roll
I will never fucking understand why people think its okay to not put on deodorant. How do you go on wit ur day knowing you smell like shit?😑
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it doesnt fuckin phase mee, i hope you fuckin hate mee 🌀🌊😈
over petty ass drama, learn some respecttt
we're in different lanes , doing different thingsss #StayInYours
mad af i have no car for a few days
Argued with Kat for twenty minutes last night when we got to my house claiming it wasn't my house #igetwasted #sorrykittty 😂😂😂😂😂
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my poor baby has been through way too much the last few days 😐🚗
no shot i just popped another tire on i95... are you FUCKING KIDDING ME
this nigga just said come to my crib ill change the tire 😩😂 like yeah nigga lemme drive to you with no front left tire lmfao
100% it was scary tho the whole tire ripped off the rim i was sliding on a rim i was bugging yo…
really just popped a tire on i95 lmao
if you come squaded im bringing a weapon of some sort lmao sorry
such a fucking joke like bitch fohhh😂 get ur guap up then talk shit to…p
oh i forgot you knew me for like 2 days lmao fohhhhh you dont want these hands 👐�…Th
whole new breed of italian crazy 😂…d
Didnt even flinch when this bitch threw a punch lolol
So last night i got hit in the face and completely ate that shit lmao big ass bitch realized quick im white girl crazyy
#LiesMyExToldMe -- Lmaoo 140 characters isnt nearly enough
guess our time as best friends has faded in your mind; whatever man i did my best for you
dont care who you are, where you came from, or what you think you onnn ..ima still stand my ground
took a hit to the face last night by some big ass rachet hoe and i didnt even move, from then on bitch thought i was a psycho lmao
don't worry bitch ima see you when i see you, dont even know who the fuck you are but just hope i don't find out lol
bitch really kicked a dent in my car last night, bet you wouldnt have done that if you didnt have 100 mothafuckas standing right behind you
if you call that a punch i could kill you with minesss😂 you lucky you out numbered us
get your guap up then you can talk shit to me lmao until then IM STILL WINNING HOE
broke bitches b soo maddd
@MrRondeezy: I know a couple of people that owe my time back 😤” lmao i could name a fewwww
lets just be real😏

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