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Kat Bocchino♡
#ProjectFear is gunna be CRAZY! If you need tickets hit me up😄👋 🎃
never understood what the point of doing dope is lmao
disney wedding or no marriage 👌
stop talking😑
apparently Monmouth county has the purest dope in the nation.. damn 😳
havent tried for school since it started ok
like shut up pussy😂😂😂😂
why does urr boyfriend look like zaboomafoo on meth #uglyass
@ANlGGATURNT: OHH NOO LOOOOOOOOOL” dumbasses in this word i swear 😂
who needs tickets ? Its gunna be livee 😍👻
who wants to chilllll
@LearnSomethlng: Anti-homeless spikes. Humans are the most inhumane of all.” god damn
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In 1986, Ohio broke the balloon launch record by letting go almost 1.5 million balloons. It. Was. Gorgeous 😍
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get me the fuck out of here deadass
Tomorrow omg 😍 I'm so pumped to go too this jail tomorrow 😍🎃 literally gonna be the best night, its legit
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im so over-protective it makes me seem crazy
im a really nice person until you cross me in a negative way fr
messing with people i dont like makes me laugh
👀 welllll i need to investigate this situation
I would throw a party if you dropped dead rn, that's how much I hate you😂
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if MY name comes out of your mouth & i confront you for it that doesnt mean im stressing you now goodbye hoe 👹
@HighEnd_LowLife: When you and Bae stunting on them haters lolololololol
I be feeling like a QUEEN when I walk through. Ain't stunting what you saying when I walk through #CallToRoyalty
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That moment when your only battle scar is a bite mark
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