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Kat Bocchino♡
If I put my all into this I know I could possibly make it
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@whooisdis: Me dealing with responsibilities” ive done this
im late to school like everyday its a struggle 😑
@JoeyGarra: “@king_riaz24: I've been in love with one girl all my life 😍�@katttx0x0x ?” 😂
yes my car is Japanese,but NOT a piece of shit. When your german car shits the bed & u dont have the money to fix it i dont wanna hear it😂
who tf are you now ? 😂 im so done man
Can't get over how sexy you are
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@yungtas: I can't fuck with people that only hit me up when they need something, don't waste my time with that shit”😒👏👌
ay look, you don't gotta like me. you ain't never matter tbh.
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my twitter is buggggggin out rn
@FactsOfSchool: when ur teacher looks at u trying to cheat so u just” me lmao
@SexualGif: this is so cute 😍”😍😍😍😍😍
sometimes i do this cute thing where i suddenly hate everyone around me because they aren't you.
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in the halls randomly bopping people in the head mad hard with a balloon and no ones saying shit to me lmao #invincible
i think its funny that when someone cant have you as their own, the dont want you in their life at all. hahahahah #jealousy
people prob think im just being an arrogant teenager that hates school , but im not. This place is straight up corrupt im telling you
@jennythesloth: did u know that allentown high school is the leading cause of depression in teens and young adults” yuppp
Not everyone will understand the way you view things so fuck them and just keep on doing it
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