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please dont take this personal but you aint shit & you werent special til' i made ya sooo 😎
off this twitter shit for awhile, if you need to contact me then hit my phone.
im growing up, you can either keep up or get left behind 👣
forget those who forget you 🚶🏻
breathe kat just breathe 🙏🏻
⚪️single ⚪️taken ⚫️thinking bout my future
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tired of the constant let downs
even though you're out here lookin so ungrateful, ima keep it movin .. be classy and graceful 😋 #MyTLisMyBabyAnyways 👅
people hatin cause they aint lit like me and stephy t
stephs drinking beer in the shower lmao
the shower i just took >
when you find the person who was tryna flirt with what's yours
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had nothing to do with me
me and my girl really pulled off a non stop turn up for 5 days , im dead
I never want my 16 year old daughter to lay in bed and cry her eyes out like I did,and I never want to see my son become the boys i've dated
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it's ironic how ppl go on abt how they care but aren't even there when you need them. they only come around when it's convenient for them.
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if you go through someones purse you're clearly broke and bitter hahaha
mood officially ruined bc my $130 vape is gone.
dont know who to trust anymore
when i feel disrespected i turn into satan so watch your step around me
these fucking PUSSIES tonight told my best friend they wanted to smoke an L then jumped him out front, where r ur balls u bitch made BITCH
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ehhh im too cute to care sorry lol
of course some ratchets get the cops called in a town that doesnt even have town cops of its own, good job lol
so fucking stupid
disrespectful af
fuck I'm so worried about you
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lmao like what? first my weed now my clothes lol smh at broke bitches
I could be sober for a week and still look like I just faced 5 woods to the dome
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make your moves in silence, opps are usually closer than you think
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Im Loyal To Those Who're Loyal To Me In Return. 🙌💯
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millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village 😍�
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getting summer started RIGHT

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