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inscents are life
Whats everyone doinnn
No such thing as real friends around these parts, 🐍's everywhere.. 👀
some people are just so fucking dumb
tired of this empty feeling in my heart 😓
its funny that when i need something, no ones around.
My favorite person💗😍 @raachel_cohn
was gunna straighten my hair but then i was like nah..... bun
peace out allentown highschool✌️
U gotta understand That I'm hard to understand
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not talking to anyone today and idc
@_TheWeedMan_: Who's up for smoking some KIEF... now THAT is alot of fuckin kiefff😯😯
or a new years kiss, never had one of those either man.
been wanting to take a kissing picture in new york city ever since i can remember but nope. Here's to another year i wont get that🙌
need some time for myself today.
Every night...every night it keeps me up.
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@CraziestSex: i wish i could spend Christmas in New York... 😍🎄✨🎅⛄”
everything in my life is falling apart
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I truthfully dont believe "forever" exists for anything. Everything either dies, or fades away.. eventually.
everythings made to be broken
You're slowly forgetting & i feel it.
do you even still care?
Nothin but fraud ass niggas round here
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on some real shit fuck school
so can i go home yet ?
always smoking people out when i have bud but when i dont have any its a whole different story and people are stingy :) ok
@StealHisHeart: Me trying to get through life” l i t e r a l l y me
Im really sick and tired of people completely not caring how positive you are, but the minute you say something negative they're on ur case!
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im NOT a friendly person if idk you so dont come up to me talking to me & take offense if im a bitch the first time i meet u like sorry lol
waited all morning lol nbd
if there was really an intruder in my school id be out the fucking window boii
i need a ride or die, not a come and go
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a smoking sesh is always my fav part of the morning 😻
@WickedREDKisses: get u a girl that's gone trap with u.”
If girls think VS models are every guys dream.. We're not in middle school. Go ahead and eat that last slice of pizza baby.. you're gorgeous
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