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Kai Smith
Just started playing @gameloft's #blitzbrigade, and either I'm pretty OK at it or people suck.
There can never be too much PLUR.
England are going to Canada 2015. Nine wins out of nine for @Mark_Sampson's side!
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I just can't get over the fact that somebody just donated the flocked Ghost to me. This is so crazy.
I have to go pick it up at my old store, but oh my goodness people are so nice sometimes. This is awesome!
OH MY GOODNESS a customer I always talk about @OriginalFunko Pop Vinyls with just hooked it up with a free flocked Ghost pop! 😡😭😊
Kai🐻 can't wait to rage again this Friday @ Fingerlickin'. 😍�
And now @USPS is telling me to GO to the station at 7:30 in the morning to PICK UP my packages, because they're too fucking lazy to deliver.
I'm going to watch The Hangover 2 & 3 I need to calm down. >.<
Fuck your chit customer service @USPS
The most brutal football foul you'll ever see *warning* ⚠️😱 |
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You lying sacks of shit @USPS I should sue.
β€œThe Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2014 lineup has been revealed.” So glad I'm not going.
As we get up the sun goes down, and the moon is displaced in the clouds.
must have been this trilingual guy's first day on the job this guy was chipper as can be
wtf this super asian guy speaking perfect Spanish wtf
yyyaaayyyyyy conference call!