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Sutton Hawk
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Feels good to reach that point in your life when you give no fucks about your past & who was in it bc you got better shit to do than dwell
there goes my fucking luck.
Taking too long to respond to a text just ruins the whole conversation.
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When I get home Im rolling a 4 g bleeth and taking it straight to the dome fuck what you think
Just ran out of gas two exits short of where I needed to get to so I could use my company gas card...what a fucking joke
Once you accept the fact people leave your life unexpectedly, whether its by choice, tragedy or reasons unknown, things get a lot easier
Youre the cutest thing that I ever did see
just get me out of here
I find it incredibly amusing when girls talk shit on other girls then a week later they're best friends & hang out all the time
If you have not listened to this song by The Civil Wars, you really should.
I wish you would listen.
Who wants to see the Local Natives on March 21st? No one? Cool looks like Im going alone like Im fucking Steven Glansburg
Smoking good cause my plug right
I really don't like when random numbers call
I really need to smoke a bowl....or 12
This situation is completely fucked
No phone for at least another day so hit me up on here if you're tryna talk
today turned into the shittiest fucking day in a matter of minutes
am I the only one that is afraid of automatic drive through car washes?
uhh 666 followers.....what are you guys tryinv to do to me!!!!!!????
Your love is strong
cant find the missing airplane but we found osama bin ladin..
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Remember being a young child not having to worry about anything? Yeah I miss those days...
2 tickets to see The Piano Guys live in concert in San Diego. Who is down to go see them perform with me? :)
The fact that I live above the ocean for college AND at home is surreal.
Anyone in the San Diego area, just wanna let you know I'm in need of someone to hang with. I need some uplifting hope and prayers for myself
To every girl, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU.
Ahhh another day another loss of sleep
Missing my church friends
Eric wants to go ride. @ Dumont Dunes
Pretty intense game tonight. Overall, it cleared my mind and we won. Good job Banana slugs, way proud…
Just made some BBQ pizza... Life is plenty great! 😁😁😁😍🌊
Phil Wickham is awesome #NowPlaying Heaven Song by Phil Wickham on #Spotify…
a girl in front of walmart told me i was cute and I burped
i hate being sick πŸ˜”
Farting in an #AppleStore would suck because there are no #windows #hah
God does not use words carelessly, and He called the blood of the Lamb ’precious.’ AW Tozer (Living As a Christian) - livinglearningandlo...
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A smile is a curved line that sets things straight. Anonymous
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I refuse to lower my standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs. Share if you agree!
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Try as hard as we may for perfection, the net result of our labors is an amazing variety of imperfectness. We are surprised at our own ve...
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Where is Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. when you need him?
Lets Be real. If George Zimmerman Was Black, No-One I mean no one would give af. Black People are so quick to use the racist card. #FUCKUSA
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Apparantly I am the white version of @TaylorLautnerNT .... Follow me on IG! @christian_surfer :)