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I've got my wine and my coconut, now I'm just waiting to see a CLG win. #LCS
People look at you really weird when you're walking around the grocery store carrying only coconuts.
Just going to sit here, listening to Alesso on Twitch with my wine. NO REGRETS. #ULTRALIVE
Look what both came today. Can't wait for April! #c2e2 #lootcrate
Men can sexualize women but the second a woman sexualizes herself she's slutty. You can't sexualize a woman and then shame her for it.
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That's why we dont exclude people with differing opinions, because the exchange of ideas is the essence of being progressive. G'night.
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I'm kinda super okay with the fact that I just lurked on a stream for 3 hours tonight and got to watch @Totalbiscuit slay like crazy
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Why is using your sexuality, legally, on twitch a bad thing? If that's your way of getting views or earning a living, you keep on keepin' on
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TB is like the Gandalf of the internet
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Going through old pictures and the perfect song for that time in my life comes on. ALL THE FEELS. <3
If you visit Chicago and don't go to portillos, you're doing it wrong
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First nice day of the year and no better way to spend it than walking around downtown.
Just flooded half of my first city by accident and failed at roads. Lessons learned, but loving this game! #CitiesSkylines @Cities_PDX
Home just in time for the CLG vs CST game. Go @clgaming! #LCS
Everyone complained about losing an hour of sleep today, but I'm just happy I can watch the sunset on the drive home now.
Omg, @BlizzHeroes Sylvanas looks like so much fun. I can't wait!!
Free wine is the best wine.
#DearMe Always try to eat something new. You may not believe it, but hot pockets and Spagetti O's are some of the worst foods you'll eat.
#DearMe The world isn't something you should hide away from. It is more amazing than you can imagine, and full of weird, interesting people.
#DearMe There are far better things down the road than the things that break your heart to leave behind. I promise.
A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
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I like to judge people based on how they treat people in the service industry. It's been a pretty good barometer so far as to who sucks
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When you're home alone and finally allowed to be yourself
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I just wanted to play some Persona 3 today. He did not approve. #cat #cute
Uhh, this Online Dance Floor thing from Just Dance 2015 is awesome when you've had a lot of vodka. Hardest dance in the game, #1! Oh yeah.
I'm convinced that dancing cures all heartaches. But I still miss you, Istanbul. :(
Just bought my @c2e2 tickets for this year. Can't wait!
More post-blizzard. I love when the snow is still pretty. #snow #blizzard
That moment when Just Dance is the most therapeutic thing in your life, ha.
Rush Hour playing Kalista/Blitz, even better. #LCS
Two Kalista games in a row, woot! My favorite champ to watch pros play atm. #LCS
if you're not listening to this right now, you should be
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Back in BC when we were doing Illidan attempts, I was always either drunk or doing homework. #GamingConfessions
I make Sims of people that have been mean to me and put them in a house with no items and no way to escape. #GamingConfessions
Why is Murky in every single @BlizzHeroes game tonight? It hurts me.
Finally picked up Just Dance 2015 today and received my @lootcrate. Definitely one of my favorite crates so far.
Too many Americans have convinced themselves that "the customer is always right" is respect, it isn't. It's the opposite.
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Am I a loser for dancing along to Gangam Style with @FragDolls on the stream? So much fun!
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Won my first two @BlizzHeroes ranked games. This will probably jinx the next one, but it is so much fun.
Entire movie theater to myself for the Hobbit, woot. This hardly ever happens.
Enjoying some pho with the doctor at work. I miss eating this everyday. #food #pho #vietnam #nostalgia
What better way to spend the New Year than with wine and Cards Against Humanity? Gonna be a good year.
I got some Vietnamese coffee for Christmas, and omg. I missed this so much. Even just the smell, definitely my favorite coffee in the world.
Gronn mount, you will be mine! Spawn on Stormrage soon, please. #Poundfist
I know the people working on @Warcraft are working really hard right now, but getting DC'd and then not able to log onto any char sucks. :(

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