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All these bush tactics. #LCS
Of course as I say that the Humble Store has a game on sale I want. Just going to pretend it isn't there. <_<
I actually sat down and counted my backlog of games on Steam. Let's just say I'm not going to be buying anything new for a LONG time.
Was hoping to see an Aphromoo Braum game today, but Thresh is okay. #LCS
So excited for this @clgaming game. Let's see that 4-0 this week! #LCS #CLGFIGHTING
As much as I hate seeing C9 lose, I'm really happy to see a Curse win. #LCS
For having only been there for four days, I miss Istanbul something fierce. #travel #turkey
Pretty butterfly Liftlift. :D Go CLG! #LCS
Time for some #LCS before all the 4th fun times later tonight.
View of Belmont from the L right after the parade. Such an awesome day!! #chicago #pride
Train was stopped twice by the cops on the way here because of "criminal activity." Wonder how many stops on the way home. Love you #Chicago
Had a surprise in my mailbox today, @lootcrate a day early! <3
One of the market streets in Istanbul. I miss this city so much. #travel #turkey #istanbul #wanderlust
Woot, was hoping for the UC4 announcement. UC2 was the whole reason I bought a PS3 in the first place. #e3
Sony, I love you, but I want to hear more about games. :( #e3
Holy shit, No Man's Sky looks AMAZING. #e3
Okay okay, now I am looking forward to Farcry 4. #e3
No Beyond Good and Evil 2. :( Some other good looking stuff from Ubisoft though. #e3
Origin doesn't show I have any games in my library? That's weird, because there should be quite a few.
Hello, Battlefield Hardline beta. Too games to play! #e3
The Division, this was one that has me really interested last #E3.
New Tomb Raider!! #e3
Ori and the Blind Forest looks gorgeous. Here's hoping for a PC release one day. #e3