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I can't be at PAX, but I'd say spending the day at the Renaissance Faire was almost as fun. And honey mead!
Omg this breeze after 3 days of 90+ degree weather is amazing.
Wow, awesome game from Curse! #LCS
Nvm let Kelby trash talk. That was good shit. #LCS
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I love hearing the CLG chants in the background. #LCS
Chasing a dream, is always better than chasing a person.
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Sometimes, I like playing DOTA 2 just so I can read the awesome guides. #dota2
I need to clean out my contacts. I tried to call a friend today, only to call some person I don't even know with the same name. Not awkward.
I'm definitely glad to see an EG win, but I expected much more out of Gambit. #LCS
Going to be so tired at work tomorrow, but I don't want to miss these EG vs Gambit games. #LCS
Gotta love the Ezio behind Jatt and Deman. #LCS
Yay Lemondogs! I can see why they've done so well so far. #LCS
It was definitely worth waking up early to watch that last EG vs Alternate game. So happy to see an EG win. #LCS
It's kind of weird, being nostalgic for days that aren't even over yet.
Chauster's Thresh has really improved since the beginning of the split. #LCS
Atleast I can catch game 1 before I have to go to work. #LCS
Home just in time for the end of #TI3. I love e-sports.
Nostalgia just kicked me right in the face. Remind me not to watch my favorite old WoW videos ever again.
FINALLY. I beat Liadra. It only took getting a full set of condition damage exotics to do it, but I did! WTB more content like that. #gw2
What a moving video. This is what eSports is about… #WCS
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I love picks in EU LCS. First game I tune into has Vi and Karma. It is so refreshing to see a game with champions not played in NA LCS. #LCS
I don't know what it is about people in ARAMs and whining about KSing every game. Really? #LeagueProblems
I really want to see Curse win this game. #LCS
Love seeing Nami being picked more and more. #LCS