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All these bush tactics. #LCS
Of course as I say that the Humble Store has a game on sale I want. Just going to pretend it isn't there. <_<
I actually sat down and counted my backlog of games on Steam. Let's just say I'm not going to be buying anything new for a LONG time.
Was hoping to see an Aphromoo Braum game today, but Thresh is okay. #LCS
So excited for this @clgaming game. Let's see that 4-0 this week! #LCS #CLGFIGHTING
As much as I hate seeing C9 lose, I'm really happy to see a Curse win. #LCS
For having only been there for four days, I miss Istanbul something fierce. #travel #turkey
Pretty butterfly Liftlift. :D Go CLG! #LCS
Time for some #LCS before all the 4th fun times later tonight.
View of Belmont from the L right after the parade. Such an awesome day!! #chicago #pride
Train was stopped twice by the cops on the way here because of "criminal activity." Wonder how many stops on the way home. Love you #Chicago
Had a surprise in my mailbox today, @lootcrate a day early! <3
One of the market streets in Istanbul. I miss this city so much. #travel #turkey #istanbul #wanderlust
Woot, was hoping for the UC4 announcement. UC2 was the whole reason I bought a PS3 in the first place. #e3
Sony, I love you, but I want to hear more about games. :( #e3
Holy shit, No Man's Sky looks AMAZING. #e3
Okay okay, now I am looking forward to Farcry 4. #e3
No Beyond Good and Evil 2. :( Some other good looking stuff from Ubisoft though. #e3
Origin doesn't show I have any games in my library? That's weird, because there should be quite a few.
Hello, Battlefield Hardline beta. Too games to play! #e3
The Division, this was one that has me really interested last #E3.
New Tomb Raider!! #e3
Ori and the Blind Forest looks gorgeous. Here's hoping for a PC release one day. #e3
I wasn't interested in another Dragon Age, but that trailer. You have my attention, Bioware. #e3
Playing Wildstar with #E32014 playing on the tablet. Awesome afternoon on my day off.
I didn't plan on buying Wildstar. Yeah, that didn't happen. Yay BGs!
I used to think a 5vs5 Heimerdinger ARAM would be super fun. Not so much, lol.
Ugh, getting a character you really want to play in ARAM only to have someone leave is the worst. #leagueoflegends
Bought my South America guide book, and even if it's another year or two until I get there, I'm so excited.
Home just in time to catch the CLG vs EG game. Go CLG! #LCS
My Loot Crate is out for delivery today, and #LCS starts in a few minutes. My afternoon is going to be awesome.
Who would've known being back at work actually makes me happier. This didn't used to happen.
First BG in Wildstar, super awesome and fun. Ugh, so tempted to buy it for launch. I MISS BGS.
Wine and Wildstar, what better way to spend my Friday night. I'm realizing how much I don't like MMOs anymore though.
I know SKT is probably going to win, but I'm hoping for a C9 win here. #allstar
Yay, congrats C9!! #AllStar
So excited for C9 vs FNC! Hoping to see good stuff from C9, especially with Link filling in. #AllStar
Wow, what a clean finish from SKT. #AllStar
In case you weren't aware: Tons of damage. #allstar
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"Doublelift was just feeding." LOL #Allstar
I don't even know what I think about all these roster changes anymore. #LCS
One of the things I missed about the States: boxed wine. It doesn't matter that it's terrible wine, I love it.
I don't know what happened while I was gone, but Comcast seems to go out every few days now. I just want to play Heroes. :(
And one more super cute one from #C2E2.
Little late, but one of my favorite pictures from #C2E2 a few days ago.
I hate when I can't decide which game to play. There are so many unplayed games in my Steam library, and I still want to buy more.
It is so weird going back to a place you didn't realize you left behind. I can't go back, but I can move forward.